Pyarai Afzal – The Meeting

Just finished watching this week’s installment and all I said is Wow! What an episode. No matter how much exhausted you are, Serials like Pyarai Afzal are not less than a cool breeze that blows and freshen up your mind-state.Hamza Ali stole the limelight once again this week and I got spell bounded with every word that he uttered and every expression he gave throughout the episode. Perfect piece of acting by him!

It seems that destiny has planned something else for Afzal and Farah’s relation and this is the reason why he missed the call when Farah was about to break the ice in front of her parents. Arfa,knowing a part of reality decided not to tell anything about that call. Because for her,Lubna is the princess of Afzal’s dreams and Farah is the evil sister who is creating hurdles for them. So being a well-wisher,she decided better to stay out of it.

Afzal’s changed life style has now started bringing impact on his friends. His loyalty towards his friends always remained unquestioned and for that his friends never compelled him to pick the way that goes against his and his parents will. And now that his friend was in need of cash, Afzal was ready to give it in place of him without having any second thought. It has been said, kabhi kabhi aik lamha he kaafi hota hai and that was the moment when his friend decided that he won’t be taking part in anything that involves gamble in it from now on.

Lubna is a perfect planner; She always know what to do next and for that Farah relies on her always and this time it was Lubna again who forced Farah to get ready and I must admit that Aiza Khan looked ravishing and entrancing; Navy Blue suited her so well. Farah’s “Crisis Management” technique failed badly when she came to know that Afzal was right there at her door. Did anyone notice ever that figure 9 is of prime importance in this show; Anything important that has to take place always revolve around this figure, haan, a.m. and p.m. varies.. :)

Afzal’s meeting with Farah’s father was another interesting part of today’s episode. The way he answered every single question of his FIL-to be was more than enough to satisfy his expectations from Afzal. He was impressed by Afzal right from the day when he left the job after being accused of what he had not done and there was no room of doubt left when he met him and heard  Afzal’s point of view about his and Farah’s relation. Despite of the fact that he was not trained by Farah and Lubna this time, all the do’s and dont’s were handled by Afzal really well. The look at Afzal’s face when Farah entered dining area worth million dollar.

After the sad demise of Farah’s plan :p , she discussed rather yelled at Afzal (like always) that what he has to do next – ofcourse, with the help of Lubna. Goofy hai na Farah bechaari.. At that time, all I felt was the difference in Farah and Lubna’s tones – Former shouting out loud and latter speaking softly and politely. I felt bad when Afzal was left helpless by being forced to agree to what Farah and Lubna said.

I am not going to unveil the charm by narrating the preview of next episode but I want to tell that we will be seeing Mehtab in next episode again.. :)

Do share your thoughts about this week’s episode.

Rabia Basharat.


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