Qandeel Baloch Meets Mufti Abdul Qavi

This Ramazan is getting even more controversial because of involvement of people who are considered important religious scholars in activities which do not suit them. Qandeel Baloch posted some pictures of her with Mufti Abdul Qavi after which people criticized Mufti Qavi more than Qandeel Baloch.

When Mufti Abdul Qavi was asked by the media what was the purpose behind this meeting and whether he thought it was alright to meet someone like Qandeel Baloch, he gave many different statements. In the most shocking statement he said that he wanted to marry Qandeel Baloch and there was nothing wrong with that.


Qandeel Baloch also shared her side of the story on the media. Qandeel Baloch is well known for using any means possible to get attention from the public. This time a religious personality involved in this whole situation so people are more enraged than ever before. Mufti Abdul Qavi is seen in his hotel room with Qandeel Baloch in these videos sitting very close to her and giving her a lot of respect.


While Mufti Abdul Qavi said that he met Qandeel Baloch in the hospital lobby but the complete video posted by Qandeel Baloch shows that they in his hotel room.