Zara Yaad Kar – Episode 15!

Ohkay so, I thoroughly enjoyed watching this episode of Zara Yaad Kar & I guess for me, after a very long time, this was one of the finest episode of this drama because the portrayal of human emotions was realistic & top-notch. Each & everything that all the characters said actually showed how the thought process of the humans work in different circumstances & this is what I enjoyed watching the most.

Uzma has gotten a green signal from her father that he wouldn’t mind seeing Haadi as her life partner because he knows that in Mahnoor-Haadi divorce, Haadi was the sincere one & he was a truthful person. Uzma obviously didn’t get her hopes high because even though she still loves Haadi, she thinks of it as her mistake & she also believes that there are a lot of emotional hurdles in between that both of them will have to overcome if they decide to be with each other. Uzma is trying hard to maintain a distance from Haadi but the conversation with her father did make her a little hopeful, that’s why when she opened the door for Haadi, she had a smile on her face only to find out that her fears were being confirmed. What Haadi told Uzma was something she knew could happen but it disturbed her a great deal because Uzma as a girl herself can not wrap her head around the mentality of a girl like Mahnoor. Uzma knew that Haadi was now getting confused & even though he was heart-broken, all these gestures that he was doing for Mahnoor unconsciously & unwillingly only told a story of how much he still loved her. Uzma told Haadi to forgive Mahnoor because she knew that may be this is exactly what Haadi wanted to hear too but had no courage to bring himself to that point where he’d accept that may be forgiving Mahnoor & giving her a second chance was an option too. Even though, everything that was said was subtle but I so wish the word ‘halala’ wasn’t thrown away so casually. I most certainly expected a little better from Khalil ur Rehman Qamar, since his dialogues are the best part about his scripts & they make quite an impact, so I wish he hadn’t taken the conversation that further. The point that Uzma made about forgiving Mahnoor was enough & quite elaborate, so I didn’t see the point of throwing a light on that word because it isn’t as simple of a deal that our writers these days make it look like because in reality it is more like a punishment for both the husband & wife who part their ways without thinking things through & understanding the gravity of the situation.

Well, Waqar finally showed what he is made of. I am sure if Gaiti wouldn’t have come into the picture & if she hadn’t given him the edge, he would’ve never uttered those things about Mahnoor that he as a matter of factly said. For Waqar, Mahnoor was a respectable girl & this is exactly the word that he threw at her in their first meeting to impress her but now times have changed & the same girl, who he wanted is not respectable anymore because she dumped her husband for him. Waqar is not wrong in his perspective because this is exactly how the human psyche works. The moment someone finds a better option, they start nitpicking & looking for the negatives in the options they first considered & this is exactly what Waqar is doing. He never was in love with Mahnoor, he was just infatuated with her & found her attractive, that is why he tried his luck at her & Mahnoor being mentally shallow fell for it, which she’ll face the brunt for & rightly so.

Well, talking about Mahnoor, she surely is one desperate girl whose only motive in life is to have a guy around her all the time. She didn’t like the one who treated her as a center of his universe, so she shooed him away & fell for someone she thought was perfect in every aspect but now when he’s gone, she is considering getting back to the one she was with initially. Mahnoor really doesn’t understand how she has ruined hers & Haadi’s life that is why she is taking their divorce as a joke & thinks that a single apology will fix everything & things will become normal between her & Haadi. Mahnoor is shallow, that is why ever since she has heard from Waqar that he will need 2 months more to return, she has now made it her mission to fix things with Haadi before Waqar’s return so that she doesn’t see a pity in his eyes for her & she can show it to him that things in her life are normal as well. Mahnoor knows that her mother will never allow her to disturb Haadi & play with his feelings again, that is why she thought it was a better idea to go in the absence of Aneesa.

The entire scenario where Mahnoor went to Haadi & Uzma’s place was done really well. Haadi was shocked as he couldn’t believe how shallow Mahnoor can be that just a couple of free rides are enough for her to change her mind. It actually took her couple of rides from Waqar to believe that he was the one & now similarly after being with Haadi twice made her realize that she couldn’t be without him. It was so obvious that Mahnoor was eager to earn Haadi’s apology only but to put up an act & to add more weight to her apology, she thought she will become friends with Uzma too, just to show to Haadi that Mahnoor was ready to make a change in her thinking & in her attitude. Even though Uzma had told Haadi that he should forgive Mahnoor & even though after that conversation with Uzma, Haadi did realize that he hasn’t fallen out of love with Mahnoor, he still couldn’t believe how inconsiderate Mahnoor was being by expecting a forgiveness from him after putting him through so much. Mahnoor really hasn’t understood what she has done with her life that is why she didn’t seem concerned with what might happen in the future. Right now, she wanted a validation from Haadi & a security that all of a sudden went missing from her life after Haadi divorced her, that is why she persuaded Haadi to give her what she wanted as she couldn’t imagine her life without it & she wasn’t used to it too.

The meeting between Uzma & Mahnoor was covered nicely too. It was so obvious that Mahnoor couldn’t tolerate Uzma’s presence but just because she had to score some points in front of Haadi, she was ready to put up an act of being pally with Uzma. All Mahnoor had was a detest for Uzma in her eyes but she didn’t mind resorting to hypocrisy just to show to Haadi that she has changed & she didn’t mind sharing an equation with Uzma despite knowing that she loved Haadi. It was quite interesting to see the girls sharing a space & sharing a conversation over the guy they both were in love with. Uzma was putting up an act too by being happy & composed but she was doing that in order to hide the hurt she was feeling in her heart after finding out that Mahnoor hasn’t given up on Haadi yet.

Overall, it was a very interesting episode & I enjoyed watching it a lot. I loved how this time around, their expressions were enough to show the thoughts that were running through their minds. I must say I loved the acting of all three actors but Sana Javed takes the cake for showcasing Mahnoor’s hypocrisy so effortlessly. I loved how she made it obvious that Mahnoor hated being around Uzma but had to paste a smile on her face to cover up the feeling of disgust & detest she had towards her. Zahid Ahmed is good as Haadi & so is Yumna Zaidi as Uzma. I loved the expressions of Uzma when she is standing in the kitchen making coffee for Mahnoor & smiling at herself for carrying a facade in front of Mahnoor to hide her little secret that Mahnoor’s presence was hurting her. There were a couple of dialogues that were amazing too & all the conversations in general were written brilliantly. For the first time I can say that I am looking forward to what is yet to come. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Zara Yaad Kar.

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