Besharam – Episode 07!

Ohkay so, seems like they took the things forward slowly in this episode but I don’t mind considering how all the previous episodes were so fast-paced, I was expected that things will slow down a bit at a certain stage, which is perfectly alright because the drama in itself is so interesting that the pace doesn’t matter much for now.

Khadija is quite naive I believe, just because she assumed that sending Mishal away will solve all her problems, she didn’t think for a second before taking that decision. I am not sure if Khadija is simple-minded or she can’t put two & two together. After all the Sikandar’s family has done, why does Khadija believe that she can make things work & she can save Humna’s engagement with Qadeer? Haider has quite a lot of times told Khadija about Sikandar & his intentions but she doesn’t trust her own son & thinks she is bound to follow the orders & instructions of Sikandar. Even after Haider told it clearly to Khadija that sending Mishal away won’t guarantee Humna’s happiness because Sikandar’s main issue was the rejection of Saba by Haider, Khadija still thought she will finally be able to convince Sikandar because it was his demand that Haider should send Mishal away & divorce her. It was good that despite everything that Khadija did, Sikandar & Shakira didn’t budge, at least it will serve as an eye-opener to Khadija that no matter what she’ll do, nothing will be enough to please Sikandar’s family as they were inconsiderate & selfish right from the start. Even though being a mother of a daughter, Khadija wants to do everything to make sure no one raises a finger at Humna, at times I feel she ignores Haider & doesn’t take his decisions seriously just because she thinks he’s a guy & he is responsible for his own baggage, that is why I believe that Khadija didn’t think things through & didn’t allow herself to accept Mishal because she saw her as someone who was costing Humna her engagement. I hope Khadija finds it in her heart to trust Haider & accept his decisions too because so far, she has only been concerned about Humna & then Sikandar’s family & their decisions.

Qadeer found it hard to return his ring to Humna but he didn’t have the guts to take a stand for her. Haider has time & again told Humna that Qadeer is not an ideal person for her because he can not & he will not stand by her through thick & thin but just because she has been engaged to him for quite a while now, Humna thinks she can not get married to anyone else. All the things that Sikandar & his family have done so far should be enough of a reality check for Humna & Khadija that having a relationship with Sikandar’s family will always cause problems for them but looks like they are not willing to understand such a simple thing.

Wahab (Malik Raza) finally made an entry & now we all know why Sofia thinks she can not relate to him & why she told her mother that their mental wavelength doesn’t match. Even though Wahab looked more like a caricature but I enjoyed watching his scenes because he added a comic relief to the dull scenes of Sara & Sofia. Wahab is a businessman who is pretty happy with how his life has turned out to be, he loves his wife & doesn’t mind getting insulted by his wife & mother-in-law because he treats them as their family. I loved the way he teased Mishal by taking her husband’s name as if he was Mishal’s saheli, lol. Well, Mishal returned & she got the exact treatment she was expecting, Sara wasn’t thrilled with what Mishal has done & she didn’t hold back in telling her how wrong her decision of getting married to Haider was. Mishal is actually done dealing with her mother because sadly, her mother hasn’t set a good example for her daughters, that is why Mishal finds it hard to respect her mother’s opinions regarding relationships.

Mishal has found it in her heart to give this marriage a chance, that is why even after she returned to her home, she couldn’t stop thinking about Haider, his family & his home. Throughout her life Mishal has missed real relationships, relationships that are not complicated & she has also missed the presence of someone who will listen to her & take care of her like a responsible person because all her life, Mishal has taken care of everyone around her & that is why she now feels the need to be with someone who will do what she has done for others & may be its because she can see that Haider is exactly the sort of a person who can do that & be in charge of their lives, she doesn’t mind doing what he tells her to do.

Haider is a man of his word & that is why he was shocked to see Mishal going back to her life & resuming her routine job. Just like Mishal, Haider wants to give this marriage a chance too, he wants to give Mishal the respect she deserves & he wants to elevate her status by giving her the rights of being his wife, that is why he didn’t think twice before walking on the ramp & dragging her out of that fashion show which was quite dramatic & the bit that I enjoyed the most. Haider knows that his mother will find it hard to accept Mishal but he doesn’t believe in complications that is why he honestly told Mishal that even though Khadija isn’t happy with their decision, she will find it in her heart to accept it soon enough. Mishal also can see that Haider is struggling just like she is struggling too but she has this faith in him because she sees him as an honest person who will fulfill the promise that he has made to her.

The meeting of Sara & Haider was intense. Sara didn’t hold back for a second & gave Haider a piece of her mind. She thinks Haider got married to Mishal because he saw that she was a successful model & earned really well, whereas these things never really crossed Haider’s mind because it doesn’t matter to him. It was good to see that Mishal took a stand for Haider too & she has this sense of responsibility where she knows that even she has the heart to fulfill the promise of togetherness she has made to Haider by getting married to him. Even though Haider & Mishal haven’t really spoken about their relationship as they didn’t get a fair chance so far, I really liked seeing them as a husband & wife. Finally, Haider brought Mishal to his home & without beating around the bush he told his mother straight away that she will be living with him from now on because she happens to be his wife. Even though Mishal & Haider haven’t had the time to speak about their relationship, I still found some sort of understanding between them where Mishal understood the way Haider’s mind works & Haider knew that Mishal was ready to give this marriage a chance because she was being submissive right from the beginning.

Overall, it was a pretty decent episode of Besharam & I thoroughly enjoyed watching it. I am sure Haider & Mishal will have to face some challenges but I am interested to find out how they will overcome all such obstacles & how they will form an understanding under such circumstances. It is needless to say but the direction & the acting has been top-notch. The director has given a very nice treatment to the script that is why it seems so visually appeasing & I loved the look that Saba Qamar was carrying during her ramp walk, because it added more charm to the the following scene with Haider in which she looked like a runaway bride, haha. Anyways, I enjoyed watching this episode & I am assuming you guys did too, so please share your thoughts about this episode of Besharam.

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