Questionable Scenes From Drama Serial Jalan

Drama serial Jalan has garnered a lot of negative attention even before it started airing. It was because, through the teasers and promos, the fans and viewers of Pakistani dramas clearly understood what the plot and story of Jalan were about. It caused an uproar and people didn’t hold back in stating what they felt about the theme of a girl falling in love with her brother-in-law. The theme of the drama has been controversial and it is upsetting to see that a leading channel and one of the biggest production houses of Pakistan still resorted to this kind of story to bring in ratings and viewership.

The team and cast of Jalan have passed quite a lot of statements to justify whatever they are showing but the fact remains that these kinds of stories are not well received by the audiences for whom these dramas are created and produced. Jalan has remained consistently controversial and this is the reason it also got banned but unfortunately, the ban was overruled and the drama continued to air at prime time.

There have been quite a lot of scenes in this drama that are unethical and immoral. They have tried to show it how it is perfectly alright for a girl to woo her brother in law and how a guy thinks he is entitled to change the mood and opt for a girl who happens to be his wife’s younger sister. In this situation, both the leading characters are wrong but the female lead remains in the limelight.

Here are some of the questionable scenes from drama serial Jalan:

Nisha Spewing Venom & Her Parents Laughing

In this scene, Nisha is seen speaking against the proposal that her parents approved for Misha. However, it is ironic to see that she gets to say so much & her parents actually are so absent-minded to understand what she is trying to convey. In this entire equation, her parents are shown to be the innocent victims as well but they are equally responsible for not being mature or wise enough to understand the kind of mentality their daughter in general has.

Nisha Removing Her Engagement Ring

This scene showed that for Nisha, her own engagement ring lost its value and importance the moment she saw a diamond ring that she was going to get from Asfand. At this stage, she was already smitten by him, therefore she fancied the idea of Asfand putting a ring on her finger. It is amusing to see that her parents and no one else took notice of what she did, except Ahmer who could clearly see where she was going with this.

Nisha Comparing Ahmer & Asfand’s Houses

In this scene, Nisha is seen openly speaking about all the luxuries that her sister was enjoying after her marriage. Asfand too hears her and finds it absolutely bizarre. The writer has tried to show that for a girl, it is perfectly fine to dream of having a lavish lifestyle but her only option happens to be a marriage to a wealthy businessman. She shouldn’t have any other aspirations and she will get what she wants!

Nisha Sneaking Into Her Sister’s Bed

This has to be one of the most sickening scenes of this entire drama, where Nisha deliberately sneaks into her sister’s bed. At this point, Nisha knows that this is the time when Asfand usually returns from office after a long day, therefore she pretends to be sleeping in his bed so that he comes close and gets startled upon finding her there. The victorious smile that Nisha gives when he leaves the room was disgusting.

Nisha & Asfand Planning To Lie To Misha

In this scene, Nisha is trying to convince Asfand to lie to Misha that he took her for an outing at late hours of the night. Asfand also fancies the idea and stays silent after Misha inquires. At this point, it was pretty obvious that Asfand was also enjoying the attention that he was getting from Nisha and was already feeling burdened with Misha’s presence.

Asfand Smitten By Nisha & Leaving Misha Alone

This scene depicted the physical attraction Asfand felt towards Nisha, especially when he saw her all dolled up for him. This is what Nisha used to her advantage and knew that she had her looks and style to attract Asfand towards her. Asfand felt unattracted to his wife who wasn’t feeling well and because he couldn’t contain his excitement to go on a date with his beautiful sister in law, he left his wife to suffer alone.

Asfand Being Emotionally Abusive Towards Misha

In this scene, it was shown that Asfand found a reason to be mad and upset at Misha, all because he wanted her to take care of a file for him. Asfand created havoc and held Misha responsible, although he knew that she was always meticulous when it came to dealing with anything related to him.

Nisha Forcing Herself Onto Asfand

Nisha had already confessed her feelings to Asfand and because she saw that he was feeling burdened with the fact that he and Misha had a child on its way, and also because she saw that he was having a hard time making up his mind, she literally barged into his office and forced herself onto him. Nisha literally harassed Asfand to agree to what she wants because she continued to emotionally blackmail him. Nisha also told Asfand that she’d love him the way Misha won’t be able to and Asfand found that a reason enough to reciprocate her feelings!

Asfand Showing His Ugly Real Face & Ditching Misha

Asfand felt it was important for him to tell his pregnant wife Misha that he doesn’t love her, in fact, he never ever loved her. Instead of feeling remorse or being sorry that he cheated upon his wife, he continued to justify it by stating that he doesn’t love her anymore!

Nisha Commenting About Misha’s Iddat

In this scene, Nisha yet again stooped low and showed what a vile person she was. When she sees a white dress picked up by her mother for her forced Nikkah, she comments that this white outfit should be saved for Misha because it will suit her when she will get to observe Iddat after her divorce from Asfand!

Misha Covering Up For Asfand & Still Being In Denial

Misha has been a reasonable character in this drama but for her to not see her husband at fault puts a big question mark on the kind of person she is. She doesn’t mind holding her sister responsible for destroying her life but does not blame her husband for being disloyal to her and shattering her trust. Misha says she will forgive Asfand because she is carrying his child. It is understandable that Misha wants to mend ways only for the sake of her child but for her to give her husband a clean chit is cringe-worthy.

Asfand Shamelessly Talking About Abortion

Not that Asfand was an ideal character or he had a good track record, but he touched the lowest low when he shamelessly spoke about Misha aborting a baby because he felt this pregnancy was making him lose the chances of getting married to Nisha. His sister continued to make him understand that he was being unreasonable but he showed that he was not only unreasonable but a sick human being to even think about killing his own child!

Talaq Talaq Talaq

Just like all the other dramas, this one too had to have a fair share of Talaq, therefore Asfand barged into Misha’s parents’ house and divorced her. He not only just verbally scarred her, he pushed her away to show that he could not stand her presence in his life in a literal sense. Asfand is a vile character and he deserves nothing but the worst!

Drama serial Jalan is still running and the story is now moving to another phase where Asfand and Nisha are married and now their life is about the take a different turn. Are you following drama serial Jalan? What is your opinion about it?


My name is Shozib Ali. I have done Bachelors in Media Sciences. Currently Working as an administrator and content writer for reviewit.

  • Very rude. Such dramas are menace of our society. Such dramas are forcing people to follow shame less characters, Asfand and Nisha.

    • I think thankfully most people are not following them in fact most people hate these characters as far as I’ve seen on social media !! :)

  • Why is this vile show on prime time if they lifted the ban the least they could have done was to change the time slot. Shame on the chanel , makers and cast

  • How can afsand get married to nisha when talaq didn’t happen as in state of pregnancy a man can’t, and he didn’t divorce her afterwards too..

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