Rahma Ali Opens Up About Her Depression

Rahma Ali, the talented singer and the daughter of veteran actor Abid Ali has been talking on depression for a while on her social media through the videos she had been educating people about depression but now a days she is experiencing deep depression due to the death of her Father.she had just gone through it and right after that her birthday has arrived on which She has conveyed her emotions she said that my birthday is the day which I always wanted to celebrate in any case, despite my vulnerability to depression. She said it is really sad that my father has passed away just 10 days before my special day.

She said, “I my self used to talk about it but now I am in dark and dont feel like celebrating the birthday ”

She thanked her fans on wishing her on her day too despite feeling un well and restless.

It has been a long time Rahma has been suffering from chronic depression so we really wish and pray that she soon come out of the depression.

May Allah bless her with a great mental and physical health.

Here is her Instagram story

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