Latest Beautiful Pictures of Hamza Ali Abbasi and Naimal Khawar

Hamza and Naimal look perfect together. They are happily enjoying the new phase of their life. Their fans can’t take their eyes off them because of their cute relationship. 

Naimal and Hamza keep on posting their couple pictures on social media to keep their fans updated. They went to Nathia Gali for their honeymoon and to keep themselves relaxed around the natural beauty of Pakistan. 

Naimal looks stunningly gorgeous in eastern as well as western dresses. She really knows how to carry herself. Her natural smile and poses are winning the hearts of many people.

Here are some recent clicks of a beautiful couple. Have a look! 

naimal khawar 1

naimal khawar 2

naimal khawar 3

naimal khawar 4

naimal khawar 5

naimal khawar 6

naimal khawar 7

naimal khawar 8

naimal khawar 9

naimal khawar 10

naimal khawar 11

naimal khawar 12

naimal khawar 20 1 520x245

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