Rahogi Tum Wohi Episode 01 – Review!

Rahogi Tum Wohi, in the very first episode where they set the plot & the base for the whole drama, I felt they have succeeded in getting the message through. Very slowly yet beautifully they told the story of most of the households & the miserable state of certain marriages.

All the while, I was actually struggling to know whether the lead character Faiza was able to speak or she wasn’t gifted with this sense but she broke the ice in the end. She is a simple woman who works at an NGO & runs her house too. She did seem a bit spaced out at times & at times she looked frustrated. She is married to a husband who actually liked her in the beginning of their marriage but now seems someone who is impossible to please.

There were many parts which were done beautifully & they told a tale in their own. At first, Faiza’s husband claims that the married women leave everything & have nothing to do with book reading or do not strive to broaden their intellectual vision, whereas, Faiza has a whole collection of books that she loves to read. When she is busy in her hobby her husband straight away underestimates her saying you ain’t learning anything from this activity & do not read again.

In the past when Faiza is forcing her kids hard to study, her husband drops in & tells her not to enforce studies on them but when their son fails to score good marks, he solely holds Faiza responsible for it. She is for sure married to a person who loves to look down on his wife & is not ready to listen to her. He is just the one who talks one-handedly & gives her a hard time. In each & every one-sided conversation they have, Faiza’s husband is completely degrading her for what she has become & how silent she is. However, completely ignoring the fact that it is he who has turned her that way.

Faiza seems like a person who is in touch with her intellectual self. Even though she sees & faces a few miseries on the daily basis but puts them into beautiful words & utters those questions to herself. She is obviously now happy with how her life has turned out to be & is afraid to open up in front of her husband because even though she doesn’t do it, she knows that her husband will find a way to bicker.

We don’t know what this drama holds & how it will unfold, but for now it does seem like it will focus on the roller-coaster ride of emotions that two people face when they live under one roof & how they grow out of one another.

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