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Ranbir Kapoor Names Mahira Khan Among The Most Beautiful

IMG 1592

IMG 1592

Mahira Khan’s beauty and charm has won her many hearts in Pakistan. She is among the most beautiful Pakistani actresses of today. Recently we got to know that we are not the only ones so besotted by her. Rather, there are people across the globe, and very famous ones at that who are equally smitten by her.

You would not believe who praised her the latest. In a program where he was playing rapid fire during the promotion of his movie Jagga Jasoos, Ranbir Kapoor named Mahira Khan from Pakistan as among the most beautiful actresses along with Katrina Kaif and Shraddha Kapoor from his own land.
We have to hand it to Ranbir Kapoor for being so fair and honest when naming the beauties of the world. He also added Hollywood’s Wonder Woman Gal Gadot in the mix.

Mahira certainly has an ethereal quality to her beauty that is almost magical. Without any cosmetic surgery done to cover her flaws, Mahira manages to capture every eye around her, and with her recent international ventures,one right into the heart of Bollywood, it is no wonder people are remembering how beautiful she is, and Ranbir is certainly no exception.


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