Teri Raza Episode 02 Review – Clichéd To The Core!

Another week, another episode filled with clichés. While watching this episode I was reminded of the real life stories that I have heard from so many of my friends where they told me that ‘Dada dekhne kisi aur ko gaye the, Dadi us larki ki friend thin, wo inhain pasand kar ke aa gaye’, also, ‘Chacha rishte ke liye Chachi ki friend ke ghar gaye the lekin unhain Chachi pasand aa gain thin’. So, this is exactly the case which was presented in this episode of Teri Raza where the girl is pushing the guy for someone else but he is falling in love with her, so let me ask, is this something that is unrealistic, no, but is this story worthy of turning into a drama, I say no to that too!

So, Suhana was on Paa Mmtyaz case & she turned it into her responsibility that she has to find a girl for Paa Mmtyaz. Obviously, family weddings are a perfect excuse for Paa’s to choose girls because they are all dolled up & look absolutely pretty, but the difference was that in this case, both Paa & Suhana were having a conversation with each other, so they were getting to know each other as well & it wasn’t just based on the looks that Paa ended up falling for Suhana. Anyways, Paa showcased how far he can go for Suhana because he ended up buying her a ‘mehanga jora’ in a jiffy which Allah maafi looked quite ‘sasta’. I am sure this ‘mehenga jora’ will help Paa Mmtyaz’s case & he will end up scoring some brownie points in the Istikhara since this is something that actually matters & there has been a lot of focus on how well Paa Mmtyaz has done for himself when it comes to his career.

Hmmm, I am not sure what to say, like pehle to Chain Aye Na ka trailer aur upper se Rameez jaisa character, Shehroz Sabzwari needs some serious career counselling & I suggest that he should sit with Syra at least to discuss his choices, but I don’t think she will help him either so yes, the better idea would be to hire someone who can guide him through & wisely choose projects for him because this phase seems to be like the low in Shehroz’s career (not implying that he had any highs either). So, just because Rameez has confessed his feelings to Suhana he thinks he owns her now. Rameez is your typical batameez ameer maghroor larka who doesn’t have an ounce of maturity in him. The fact that he fought with his father made him so furious that he decided to use Suhana as a punching bag. Chalo, ye to Rameez/Shehroz ki baat thi but to see Suhana/Sanam settling for such kind of treatment only because she is in love was so cringe-worthy. In my last review I remember using the word ‘mature’ for Suhana’s character but she made me question that in just the very 2nd episode of this drama because yes, girls don’t tend to get into the nitty gritty when they are in love but no girl is also so aloof or indifferent to the batameezi that her significant other directs at her either, like may I ask how old is Suhana, 14 or 15?

So, Suhana finally told her mother that she is involved with Rameez & he is serious about her which again was her side of the story. Rameez is planning to go to Canada & he is not really in a mood for commitment, yes even his family is going through some crisis but even then, getting officially committed to Suhana is not his priority at the moment. For the time being he has convinced Suhana that he will be getting his family involved but that is out of question because he hasn’t even spoken to his family about her & about his plans of getting married to Suhana.

As expected, Paa Mmtyaz woke up one fine day & realized that he likes/loves Suhana. The focus on the age difference between him & Suhana was highlighted time & again but then is it really going to change anything? No, because Istikhara Dadi already seems quite impressed with Mmtyaz because he can afford ‘mehanga jora’ & ‘mehanga bracelet’ for Suhana so it already makes him ‘kabil’ enough, as if that’s the only thing that is important for a healthy relationship & nothing else, like a girl’s approval or interest? Yes, I get that, Paa Mmtyaz is an ideal husband material for any girl but just to put him in a good light, the way they decided to showcase Rameez’s bad side was amusing. It is like they are drawing a comparison between two buoyez to show how good & bad each one of them is, but seeing this comparison made me question if I was actually keen on Paa Mmtyaz’s character so much that to see Rameez’s bad side would put my heart to ease that Suhana’s going to go in safe hands? No, not really so this aspect didn’t really matter that too at such an early stage of the drama & also because the characters are so bland & boring that they don’t really spark an interest!

I think the director tried really hard to salvage the boring script & the only actor who tried to help the director was Sanam Baloch but other than that, nothing really is working in this drama. Sanam Baloch acted well, like as much as she could do to convey a plain character like Suhana, she did, but other than that, it won’t be a lie to say that Suhana has nothing to offer to the viewers, so being a fan of Sanam Baloch as an actor it is actually quite painful to see her settling for such a mediocre role & character. Surmed Sultan Khoosat’s acting was better than the previous episode, Shehroz’s hairstyle & T-shirts were better too but the BEST thing about this episode was the Drone Shot of the sea shore! Please share your thoughts about this episode of Teri Raza.

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