Alif Allah Aur Insaan Episode 12 Review – Intelligent Piece of Work!

Another week, another intense episode of Alif Allah Aur Insaan. When this drama began, I knew I was in for a ride but I never expected that it will turn into one of those dramas that just pull you in & force you to get emotionally invested in the story & the characters & Alif Allah Aur Insaan has done just exactly that. I find myself waiting for its episodes and I look forward to how the story is going to unfold. The writer, the director & the entire cast deserve a standing ovation for making Alif Allah Aur Insaan such a sucess.

So, Nazneen invited Shahzeb so that she could have a conversation with him but that’s where it all stopped for me because after that I couldn’t really comprehend what was running through Nazneen’s mind. Yes, I know that she is someone who hates to lose & she is someone who can not stand being on the same pedestal as someone else but then again, isn’t she doing the same thing with Shahzeb too? Even though Shahzeb was being honest with Nazneen but the fact that she couldn’t take what she heard was odd. I thought Nazneen will use this against Shahzeb but then just the mention of some other woman who Shahzeb vowed not being emotionally involved with made Nazneen restless, why? If that’s the case then how about putting Shahzeb in her situation & thinking for a second how she is two timing on him with Basit? In this episode especially, I didn’t really get what should be made out of her character because she seemed perfectly alright when Shahzeb was flowering her with all those praises whereas I thought she’d openly tell Shahzeb that she doesn’t want to get married to him. Where I expected that it would be Nazneen who’d come clean in front of Shahzeb, it was Shahzeb who did the honors only to evoke a reaction which he didn’t expect. Does this mean that even though Nazneen is not emotionally invested in this relationship, the mere fact that Shahzeb once crossed paths with random woman disturbed Nazneen to such an extreme? Nazneen most certainly is not entitled to this kind of reaction considering how she herself is cheating on Shahzeb & after this meeting I even felt she cheated on Basit too because she didn’t tell him that she invited Shahzeb for a meeting for no good reason & then gave him an edge where he could go on about how much he loves her? Nazneen is turning out to be a twisted character, like I commend the writer here for adding so many shades to Nazneen where she is not just your typical stubborn spoiled brat, I say that in a sense that her character has been written intelligently but it most certainly is twisted & not someone that I am a fan of!

For the first time I felt for Shahzeb, only because he was being honest but now he will feel guilty for being a bit too honest with a shallow girl like Nazneen. Only because of the love that Shahzeb has for Nazneen, he felt it was his duty to inform her about everything that has happened in his life but now when Nazneen, due to her own selfish reasons will reject him, he will think his honesty cost him the love of his life, whereas it is Nazneen who should be feeling guilty & ashamed, not Shahzeb. The conversation regarding ‘Shaitan’ & ‘Rehman’ that Zaitoon & Shahzeb had was very special, I love the dialogue writer’s way with words, like in every single episode you find these gems that make you smile, so I commend the dialogue writer as well!

Samina rightfully but in her limits tried to explain to her father about Basit & Nazneen’s involvement in each other. Obviously Basit’s father couldn’t fathom the fact that his son could do such a thing that is why he kept on blaming the ladies but just when he saw that even his wife was standing by what their daughter was saying, he was forced to think. Samina was obviously pushed to the limit to tell her father that Nazneen was chasing after Basit which obviously sparked some suspicion in his mind as well & I say the sooner the better, he should know what Basit is upto!

I don’t know why, even though I saw all the shades of Nigar Begum’s personality, I never hated her character, like I couldn’t because where she had this evilness in her, she had this niceness in her as well. I am all for Rani & I feel for her too but I don’t think she was entitled to sign such a verdict for Nigar Begum, that too when she got the ticket to her own freedom. Shammi obviously played a major part in convincing Nigar to let go of Rani & even tried to make her understand that she should go easy on her which to my surprise was something that Nigar not only accepted but followed too but sadly, Rani decided to do what the anger brewed inside her forced her to do. I actually felt a lot for Nigar especially in the last scene where she once again promised to pick up the pieces & move on from another bad phase of her life, like in such a brief moment we were made familiar with the constant failures, big or small that courtesans go through. All Nigar Begum yearned for was some love, affection & a security blanket & she had some dreams which weren’t materialized because of which she unleashed her harsh side but then again, the fact that she actually empathized with Rani & spoke about her dreams showed that she could actually relate to her but didn’t want to come to her level as she wanted to maintain a distance. However, it can’t be forgotten that whatever happened with Nigar was a perfect example of ‘what goes around, comes around’, like she devised a plan for Fizza Bai’s death & then similarly, Rani pushed her towards her death too but then, was Rani right in going to such an extreme? I like how the writer has opened a new dimension & has revealed this new side of Rani, like this new revelation & Rani’s verdict is always going to be open for different interpretations, which is quite intelligent & commendable. I don’t know why but for the first time I see a similarity between Nigar & Rani, they both had dreams, they both chased after their dreams, they both had their own agendas & just how they had a lot of niceness in them, they had/have this evil streak too, which is is absolutely amazing!

I loved this episode & I am so glad that this drama has exceeded my expectations, like I knew it was going to be a good watch but I never knew that it will be so so so soooo good. The writer, the director & all the actors should take a bow for such a successful drama. Needless to say but Ushna Shah & Imran Ashraf both once again outdid themselves in this episode. Just because this is going to be the last episode in which Sana Fakhar will appear, I feel she deserves a special mention for her phenomenal performance as Nigar Begum. I am sure no other actress could’ve carried this character the way she did & the treatment that she gave without taking things a bit too far is praise-worthy. While watching a courtesan Nigar Begum, I never once felt uncomfortable or questioned the director & the actor’s approach towards a character like Nigar, so special thanks to Sana Fakhar for her brilliant performance. Please share your thoughts about this very interesting episode of Alif Allah Aur Insaan.

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