Ronaldinho thanks Pakistan’s Army Chief!

Whenever an international event is to make place in our country, we start praying that it goes out smoothly without any incident that could further taint our country’s reputation. The same happens when international stars visit here and lately the latter happens much more than the former. In fact, I can’t even the last time we had an international event in Pakistan. Due to the fear of terrorism, our country has been deemed unfit by various countries and international organizations,  to host international events or even for international teams to visit Pakistan.

In these dark times, the football superstar Ronaldinho and the Manchester United legend Ryan Giggs proved to be rays of hope. These two visited our country, participated in a tournament and showed it to the world that Pakistan is a safe country to visit and play.

Of course, all the players were welcomed and provided with tight security, handled by Pakistan Army.

Ronaldinho expressed his gratitude to the Army Chief in the following tweet:

Have a look at the security in a footage the footballer himself had shared earlier:

Pakistan Army has once again made us proud. A huge thank you to them for all the efforts they put in to make this event a success from our side too. These heart-felt comments from the star athletes of the world are a tremendous success for our country’s image in the world and they prove that the time for international sports to return back to Pakistan has come.

Arsala Khalid

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