Raqs-e-Bismil Episode 1 Story Review – Brilliant

After a long time, I was genuinely excited to watch the opening episode of a drama and unlike Dunk, Raqs-e-Bismil’s first episode was faultless. From the first scene to the last one, every scene was well-put-together and meaningful. Some of the issues highlighted in this first episode have been addressed in other dramas as well but overall the theme of the drama seems to be all-encompassing and not one which would be focusing on specific issues. The romantic element of the theme stood out more than any other which was pleasing. Other than that, the suffocating environment, rigid rules, and double standards were apparent from all the situations shown in this first episode. There were no ‘desperate’ attempts to get the viewers’ attention and most importantly it was a well-written and brilliantly executed first episode with mind-blowing performances. This first episode was also fast-paced which added to its entertainment value. Imran Ashraf and Mehmood Aslam’s performances stood out more than any other, Momin Saqib was truly impressive especially considering the fact that he has just started performing.

The Main Characters

It rarely ever happens that you warm up to all the characters introduced in the first episode instantly; I felt an instant connection to all these characters and had no trouble understanding them while I watched this opening episode. Not only were these characters written with the utmost clarity but the casting is perfect as well. Some of these characters are not new but this first episode promised that none of these characters are going to be black and white. Also, for a change, all the women shown in this first episode were supportive of each other in some way or the other. In this first episode, the viewers were introduced to Peer Qudrat Ullah Shah’s (Mehmood Aslam) household. He runs an astana, is the head of a Syed family, and has some set strict rules. Even family members who broke these rules in the past were killed. His older son Moosa (Imran Ashraf) takes his duty as the ‘janasheen’ really seriously and has beliefs perhaps more rigid than his father.

Raqs-e-Bismil Episode 1 Story Review – Brilliant

Moosa’s character already has my undivided attention because even with all his rage and the reputation he has, he is capable of loving others. He released Sakina (Anoushay Abbasi) after he was reminded of everything her mother had done for him. The conversation he had with Sakina before her nikkah was one of the best since it revealed how he had protected her over the years and there were times when she was actually proud of the fact that he was her brother. He went too far in protecting her this time around and ended up making even those decisions for her which she would have happily taken for herself. Moosa also has double standards since he wants to choose his wife himself but will never give Sakina the right to do the same. His definition of the perfect woman also said a great deal about his expectations from women. There are certain set rules in the family regarding matrimony therefore marrying out of the cast is out of the question.

Moosa’s younger brother Isa (Momin Saqib) however seemed to have a completely different perspective. Although he was the one who informed Moosa about the nikkah and supported him wholeheartedly, he was more than willing to marry Sakina. Isa seems like a more open-minded individual since instead of thinking that his father was marrying him off to someone who had eloped with her boyfriend; he was actually questioning his own credibility as a suitable life partner for Sakina. Isa is clearly head over heels in love with Sakina but she has no feelings for him at all. Sakina is a confident and educated young girl who had the guts to speak up even though she knew she would have to pay a big price for it. Even though she has been living in such a suffocating environment, she refuses to abide by the rules but at the same time is aware of the dangers associated with breaking the norms.

Raqs-e-Bismil Episode 1 Story Review – Brilliant

Sakina’s track was taken forward quickly with the nikkah taking place towards the end of this episode. She gave Moosa a ‘baddua’ that might haunt him in the future. Sakina and Isa are really interesting characters therefore I am looking forward to their track. It seems like Isa will be the one making the compromises and Sakina might fall in love with this ‘jahil’ eventually! I liked the mother’s (Nida Mumtaz) role since her loving and soft nature balanced out the rigid attitude of her older son and husband. Sakina’s mother also did whatever she could to save her daughter and there was no bitterness and resentment in her attitude even later on. The women have accepted the norms in the family but it seems like their experiences have not made them bitter. They have a bond with their children which enables them to have them do certain things the way they want. They obviously have little control over most of the situations.


This first episode is a must-watch since it had everything it takes to grab the viewer’s attention. The overall feel of this episode was superb; the locations, camerawork, picture quality, and even the looks sported by all the actors. What I liked the most about this first episode was that it focused on the main characters, it wasn’t ‘over-crowded’ and the entire cast is well-suited for the roles they have been assigned. The way Imran Ashraf translated his character on screen was especially impressive; I liked how he intentionally kept his posture rather stiff while sitting down and when he was ‘on guard’ during the nikkah! Anoushay Abbasi nailed all the scenes; she has always been such a brilliant performer, I am so glad to see her playing such a character. Hashim Nadeem’s writing and Wajahat Rauf’s direction both were on point. I am eagerly looking forward to more!

Did you watch tonight’s episode of Raqs-e-Bismil? Do share your thoughts about it.

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.

  • What a fantastic first episode and your review is also fantastic. I think this is going to be the best drama of the year. What a cast! This was Imran Ashraf’s best performance after Ranjha Ranjha. I watched it twice already. Loved it. Thank you for the apt review.

  • Perfect review Fatima! As you have said, After a long long time I really enjoyed first episode of a drama and was hooked to the screen. I have always been a fan of Anoushay and I am so glad that she got this role. What a performance! This episode totally belonged to her. Brilliant!
    As someone who has read Hashim Nadeem’s work, it had that feeling that you get while reading his novels. I am not Really a fan of Wajahat Rauf because of the 3 films of him that I have watched but he has done a great job here.
    Also, I think I might be the only one but I had a real problem with Imran Ashraf’s dialogue delivery / mumbling and the way he is always in a hurry to deliver his lines.
    The promo showed that there might be something interesting in Sarah’s character, but her eyes looked weird with lens, idk why did she decide to do that.
    Anyways, sooo glad that I have finally got something that I can talk about and discuss here with you. Here’s to hoping that Raqs e Bismil does not go down the road Ishq Zahe Naseeb went and we finally get to watch something worth waiting for every week!

    • Muje tu hamsha Imran Ashraf ki acting ajeeb se lgti hai aap ki thray muje bhi imran ki dialog delivery se problem hai jo baat aista aur samej ker kerni wo taz aur unchi awaz mein aur jahn tazi dekni hu wahn us ke ulte aur Imran ki ankhun ki bhi aab problem hu gi hai jase us ki ankhan us ke dialog ka saath nai detin mushk mein theek hai liken kahin deep jale mein bhi yehi masla tha mein bhi ye drama sirf Hashim Nadeem saab ki waja se dekhun gi meine un ke Novels pare hue hain

    • Thank you so much Pakistani Po. I have always loved Anoushay’s acting, she is amazing. I agree with you, the direction was superb, it was almost as if we were watching a movie. I thought Imran Ashraf was phenomenal, I genuinely feel if he continues acting like this, this will be his next hit performance after RRK. About the lenses, the promos suggested, she is someone who loves getting dressed up – which is so not surprising LOL!! I do feel there is more to her character since she is definitely not as saadi as she looks.

      Yes! Equally glad that you are watching this one! We haven’t discussed dramas in a while, looking forward :) Missed you!

        • Yes! loved it. Shukr hei Big Bang ne kisi achi Bollywood film ki bhi copy banwaye LOL!!! The script is definitely inspired by Baaghban but I really don’t mind as long as acha sa kr ke dikhaye sb aur Cheekh aur MTA ki tarah drag-fest na ho!

          • agar usi movie ki copy hai phir to ye umeed bhee rakhee ja saktee hai k Muhammad Ahmed k character ko naheen marain gey is dafa. 😉

          • Haha true. Muhammad Ahmed ko apni kamal acting ki ye saza milti hei ke in ke character ko hamesha maar diya jata hei. Aur hr baar in ke character ko mrta dekh kr utna hi dukh hota hei, ye bhi tu kamal hei. But yes here is hoping ke is baar aisa nahi ho ga. Marina Khan looked so pretty in this episode.

          • Marina ki to kia hi baat hai. Lekin is ko dekh ker abhee tak wohi young chulbuli si Tanhayian ki Saniya yaad aati hai. Aur shayad isi waja se ye in barree age k characters main mujhay ajeeb lagti hai. ☺️.

  • This first episode belonged to the actors Imran Ahsraf, Mahmood Aslam, Momin Saqib and Anoushay Abbasi. You’re right about the overall feel and fast pace. After a long time a first episode that impressed. You are right about Dunk I did not like it.

  • Fatima Ji,
    I was in two minds…. To see or Not to see Raqs-e-Bismil….
    Your review helped me in making my decission….
    Will certainly watch this one…..

    You are right about Dunk…..
    this drama simply did not connect….. two of the three quotients were missing… The emotional and intelligence quotient…
    Cheekh started well, but ended up nowhere….. Balaa started well, but ended up nowhere and Dunk is nowhere from the very beginning…..

    Looking forward to your reviews on Raqs-e-Bismil…. Will certainly watch this one…

    Thank you so much.


    • Thank you Ketan. Yes, do watch it, I am sure you will like it. You’re so right about Dunk, over-reliance on suspense and too many characters, it didn’t appeal to me at all. Big Bang is out to sensationalize and cash in on yet another sensitive topic, shame on them.

      I will also look forward to your comments :) You’re most welcome.

  • Salam Fatima detaild review tha is lea meine review phele parha hai phir episode dekhi hai acha agaz hua hai fst episode waqi bout fast paced aur engaging thi cast bhi achai hai aur sab kerdarun ke saath instant connection hua hai abb dekhte hain agge kia huta hai nai tu mein kafi mause hui hun last season ke dramo se du chaar episode ke bhed mera interest nai raha kisi bhi drame mein dunk ki episde bhi kuch khas nai thi Hashim Nadeem ke Novels tu bout kamal ke hai liken tv walun ne Isq zea naseeb ki tabi nakal de thi passe kamne ke chaaker mein Fatima muje ye drama dekhte hua Visaal drama yaad ay gia hai aap ne wo drama dekha hai Hashim Nadeem ka likha hua bout zebdast drama unique story thi aur lajwab acting ager app ne nai dekha tu kabi time hu dekhan aap ko passand aye ga .

    • Waelukum Asalam NR, review prhne aur is detailed comment ke liye buhat shukriya. Sahi keh rahi hei aap Ishq Zahe Naseeb tu meinay dekhna hi chor diya tha, itna kharab kr diya tha. Meinay Visaal nahi dekha lekin buhat tareef suni hei, zarur dekhu di.

  • Thank you for the review.
    First episode was ok.But again showing religious people as rigid and people of free will who want to get married by running away from house as victims.It’s still early to say anything in this regard as it’s just first episode but I’ve consistently seen this trend in our dramas where religion of Peace, our Pride,is always shown in bad light.This proves how these ‘entertainment’ channels run on an agenda and have forgotten everything just to mint Money.
    Watching Yunus Emre on PTV and loving it.We need some content for the soul too not just for the Nafs.

    • You’re most welcome Ayesha. The story has just started and there is no denying the fact that there are so many such peers out there. They don’t represent the religion, there is a big difference between such people using religion for their own selfish motifs and religion itself. The fact that they were exploiting religion for personal gains and were misguided was highlighted with clarity by showing that Sakina’s consent in marriage didn’t matter to them. There was no confusion regarding that.

      • Ok.But it was never shown that she was getting married without her consent before she ran away.She was trusted, loved and protected by family and when she took an extremely humiliating step of running away which our media romanticize and glorify, then they decided to get her marry that too with ghar ka acha bacha not just anyone.And so far I haven’t seen anything selfish about the peer.I can see the bias against them actually.Not everyone is bad.And I don’t want to argue anymore so 😊 Looking forward to the drama for its writer and good actors and your review.ASSalaamu ‘Alaikum wrb 🌷

        • It’s cool Ayesha, we don’t argue here, just discussing the drama. I respect your opinion but I do feel that there were some things that were quite clear like the peer killing family members and burying them in the backyard as an ibrat ka nishan which is just plain evil and definitely not in line with the teachings of Islam. In Islam marriage without the consent of the girl is not even valid! Yes, girls should not elope with their lovers but they should also be given the right to choose their spouse. Looking down upon people because they do not belong to a certain cast is something that was picked up from Hindus because we lived with them for so long, it isn’t even remotely linked to anything taught by our Prophet (PBUH).

          If you are talking about Peers generally then yes definitely there are good and bad people everywhere, in every field, in all walks of life. Totally agree with you. Waelukum Asalam.

          I would love to hear from you more often. You’re more than welcome to share your opinion. No arguments, only healthy discussions ;)

  • Thank you Fatima for your detailed review. I liked the first episode . I have a question and am confused . They say that Moosa is Sakina’s brother as her mother breast fed Moosa when they both were infants. I am no religious scholar but to my knowledge and I can be wrong… that of one sibling shares breast milk with some one, all the siblings are considered Mehram and they can’t get married … while in this case Sakina and Esa got married …. am I right ? Thanks..

    • Isa didn’t drink the milk that’s why he’s not the brother…. As his father said that if Musa wasn’t the brother of Sakina, he would have married Sakina to Musa, not Isa!

      • You are right this is what they showed but my understanding is that even if one sibling shared breast milk , all of the siblings are considered to be brothers and sisters…..is that not the case ?

    • You’re most welcome Zargey, I am glad you liked this episode and will be watching the drama. I will look forward to your feedback. Anonymous answered your question :) I honestly don’t know much about the technicalities but yes that is what the father said.

    • Since Moosa drank milk he is a brother to Sakina and all of her siblings (if she has any) and now is a son to her parents as well. This condition is only for the one who drinks it. He becomes a part of the mother’s family. Since his brother did not, he is not a part of that family.

  • Raqs-e-Bismil’s start was great!!!! Everything that a fine drama’s first episode should contain!!!!! But I didn’t understand that when Musa was tying Sakina with the tree…
    First he pulled her and dragged towards the tree Then he went to pick up and straighten the rope and meanwhile Sakina stood still…. Why hadn’t she run away????
    Overall, liked a lot. I was waiting for Zebaish to end…. Fazool drama. Good that HUM tv has replaced it with something meaningful
    Just wanted to add that if you’re reviewing a HUM tv drama then please review ARY dramas too.. Dunk was not that BAD as everyone is saying
    AULAAD also started off well VERY EMOTIONAL it was basically the truth of our lives that we forget our parents in our busy routine and don’t care about them and forget all the troubles they’ve faced because of us…..
    Tribute to all the parents in the world!!!!! 😢😢😢😢😢

    • Hi! I am glad you are watching this one, enjoyed reading your comment. I watched the first episode of Dunk because I actually wanted to review it but I feel that it is Cheekh all over again. I am honestly sick and tired of these production houses using ‘controversy’ to sell their dramas. This is a ‘sensitive’ topic and not a ‘controversial’ one but since controversy sells more than sensitivities, that is how they will roll!

      I loved Aulaad! Absolutely loved it.

  • perfect review fatima. I always love hashim nadeem writings. First episode justified my wait for this drama.fatima please also review drama beadab on hum TV. drama focusing on parents not on typical love stories. sania saeed momin saqib faryal mehmood all plying their role well.do consider it

    • Thank you so much Waqar. I am watching Beadab and liking it. Sadly, I can’t review it since I am already reviewing two dramas. I am however glad for a change there are dramas such Beadab and Aulaad which focus on the parents and what they go through in such circumstances. Thank you so much for reading the review and commenting.

    • I really liked the first episode of Aulaad and I agree with you, it was way better than Dunk. Sadly, Dunk will get the ratings! I couldn’t sit through it, such a mess!! Upsetting watching such good actors being a part of such a project which is misguided, to say the least! I am already reviewing two dramas but I would highly recommend Aulaad to everyone since the first episode was quite promising.

  • well-written, well-directed, well-reviewed drama. too early too say about it’s storyline. But execution of the first episode deserves a thumbs up for all performances especially for anoushay abbasi

  • Really appreciate the work ReB’s team has done. Loved the start. Top notch performances especially imran and anoushay. I love the ost uff its on loop on my cell now a days. Glad you decided to review it.

    I wanna know your thoughts on dunk too,

    Perfect review FA

    • I am glad you’re watching it AH. Yes, the performances were superb!

      I couldn’t sit through Dunk, it is going to be another one of those commercial dramas that use a sensitive topic to gain TRPs, not impressed at all. Reminded me of Cheekh and Aisi Hei Tanhai. I also don’t like the fact that the cast members and the producer is intentionally giving controversial statements to get attention. How unfortunate!

      Thank you so much, keep reading and commenting.

  • Hello Fatima, thanks for the review!! What I would like to say is Imran Ashraf need to calm down a bit and take it easy looks like he’s trying too hard he remind me punjabi movies hero you know what I mean, And camera work using drone unnecessarily need to stop. And anoushay defentaly surprising me it’s good she came back in dramas. Thanks guys!!

    • Hello Virgo, long time, no see. It is good to hear from you. I know what you mean, I felt that way while watching Inkaar but I thought his performance in this first episode was one of the best we have seen. Anoushay has always been amazing! Loved her in Nanhi, what a phenomenal actress. You’re welcome. Keep reading and commenting.

  • Gr8 review fatima,the scene where Imran first sees Sara reminded me of Khuda aur mohabbat scene where Imran Abbas see Sadia Khan in a naqab and instantly falls in love., and that was also written by Hashim Nadeem. Im not sure if Sara Khan is the right choice and if she will be able to pull off the role and most likely this drama will have a sad ending, so will keep reading your reviews and watch it in parts.

    And Dunk first episode reminded of Cheekh, Ruswai, it was a totall wrong to cast Bilal Abbas and Sana Javed in this drama, and the team behind this drama always starts the drama very well, and then loose track completely…most of the drama will have negativity and in last 1 episode will have some turn around . Right now i will see it only for Noman Ijaz.

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