Raqs-e-Bismil Episode 13 Story Review – Reality Checks

Raqs-e-Bismil continues to surprise and every week there is a major development that changes the leading tracks considerably in some way or the other. It is storytelling at its best since every track is interlinked and the journeys of the characters are such that they are being taken in directions completely different from the one they started out from. Just like every other episode, there were few moments where I found myself questioning the scenes but the more important developments in the story were convincing as usual. I feel that with every episode I find something new about some character; tonight’s episode revealed more details about Murad, Shehryar, and even Zohra.

Moosa’s pain was translated on screen in a subtle yet impactful manner. I am glad that, unlike so many other dramas, the scenes are not needlessly dragged and even though the OST is beautifully composed, it has never been over-used. The director Wajahat Rauf has not even once stretched the scenes even though there have been instances when he could have easily given more screen time to one of the characters. For instance, in this episode, Moosa’s scenes were short and to the point, although they could have been stretched. This is primarily the reason that not a single episode of Raqs-e-Bismil can be termed as a filler episode. Laila Khalid was introduced in this episode and I must say that it wasn’t the best introduction given the fact that she was once such a popular heroine. Surely, such a person wouldn’t need an introduction yet Shehryar had to tell Zohra who she was! Furqan Qureshi’s performance was outstanding tonight and Imran Ashraf yet again made Moosa’s ups and downs come alive on screen. I am waiting to see more of Zara Sheikh. The party scene could have been more grand given the fact that Shehryar comes from such an affluent background and this was supposed to be a party he threw to impress everyone. Other than that, the story is heading towards an interesting direction with Moosa heading towards a completely new direction.

Reality Checks

Tonight’s episode of Raqs-e-Bismil was filled with reality checks for our main leads. Moosa and Zohra both realized that things could actually get much worse than they already were. Zohra always hated the fact that rich people thought that they owned her and others like her. When she got married to Shehryar she was expecting to leave this life behind and be someone’s wife. Right from the beginning, the writer made it clear that Zohra never accepted her life as an escort. She went along with whatever Ana Ji said because she loved her enough to not question her decisions but her conversations with Chanda made it clear that she yearned for respect more than anything else. Ironically enough, the only reason she refused to get married to Moosa was that she was sure that she would always be treated with disrespect since he came from a respectable family. She found out early on in her marriage that Shehryar never wanted a wife but he also needed someone in his life who could ‘please’ his friends and partners so that he could get what he wanted from them. He ‘bought’ Zohra so that he could own her and use her as he willed.

The scenes showing Zohra’s shock every time she realized that Shehryar was going to allow others to treat her like a commodity and did not want her to be the wife she was hoping she could be were shot well. Sarah Khan acted impressively in this episode and she looked stunning as well. The viewers found out today that while Zohra hated the way she was being treated, she was not going to be too rigid. She did confront Shehryar but she was also willing to make the changes he wanted her to make. Shehryar is the ‘sodagar’ Zohra accused Moosa of being! Is this her punishment for rejecting Moosa’s love?

Raqs-e-Bismil Episode 13 Story Review – Reality Checks

Moosa found out in the beginning that Zohra had married someone else and I must say that his reaction was not shown as dramatically as I was thinking it might be shown. He accepted the situation, refused to blame Zohra (this part was refreshing and quite likable), and decided he needed to start a new life realizing that it was not going to be easy. Some of the scenes were dedicated to showing how much pain and hurt this loss had caused him, while others showed how eager he was to build a new life away from his family. His scenes were a pleasant mix of strength and vulnerabilities. I especially liked the part where he explained why Zohra was not to be blamed. Imran Ashraf always manages to bring out different emotional states of his characters beautifully on-screen with intensity every single time. Moosa ended up at Laila’s office and it seems that she might fall for him. Will Zohra actually start acting and that is where Moosa will meet her once again? I am waiting to find out.

Sakina and Esa

Sakina and Esa’s track is also headed towards a direction which most of us are dreading especially because now they are finally happy! Only Sakina could have been sharp enough to figure out that Moosa’s mother might not have told Sakina what Moosa expected from her. While Esa was desperately looking for his brother he met Sitara and that is when he found out something that might change everything! In the next episode, he will go after those men to find out who was with Moosa that day and that is one development I am eagerly waiting to watch! Will Esa find out the truth? What will his reaction be when he finds out that Sakina was with Moosa that day?!

Raqs-e-Bismil Episode 13 Story Review – Reality Checks

Final Remarks

Tonight’s episode of Raqs-e-Bismil was interesting throughout since every scene added something tangible to the story. It is interesting how everyone else can appreciate Moosa’s love for Zohra but she rejected him without giving it a second thought. The story is getting more intense and exciting with every passing episode.

Did you watch tonight’s episode of Raqs-e-Bismil? Do share your thoughts about it.

Fatima Awan

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  • You totally said what I felt about this episode Fatima!
    I absolutely love the way OST and the bg music are being used. The party didn’t really look like a party it should have been (maybe bcz of covid?). Sarah Khan acted brilliantly and Furqan was beyond impressive in that ‘Mujh se bewafai na karna’ scene. He looked like he was drunk but was still in his senses to really mean all those things he was saying. Imran Ashraf was good as always. Sarah looked breath takingly beautiful.
    Was it just me or was there something really wrong with Zara Sheikh’s lipstick?
    It is very clear now that how Musa and Zohra’s paths are going to cross again and I can’t wait for the story to unfold.
    As you said, the promo showed that what is next for Esa and Sakina and I am really dreading it. :( Knowing that Esa is a wise/calm man I hope that it doesn’t turn ugly for them and it only makes Sakeena realize that how good of a person Esa is!
    This episode gain had some great dialogues, my favorite one being,
    ‘Sirf saans lenay aur zinda rehnay main bara farq hta hai NaMurad, hum main sey kaee zinda phirta y hain magar un main zindagi naam ki koi cheez nai hti’.
    Looking forward to the upcoming episodes and your reviews :)

    • Ji!!! Her lipstick was too glossy, her wardrobe was not classy enough and she could barely walk in those heels. She looked much better in the last scene. Sarah Khan looked like a diva and Zara’s look was not up to the mark at all! I know! the party looked like a birthday party.

      I doubt he will stay calm after knowing the truth! Uff, I really don’t want him to find out that it was Sakina but I think he will.

      Oh yes, it did! Loved this one and I liked so many other dialogues as well.

      I am so glad you’re watching this one. I will look forward to your feedback too.

  • Hi fatima mam
    Mujay ap se kuch discus karna hai drama Dunk k baray me
    Dunk most awaited drama tha is season ka
    Pehlay fahad mustafa ne interview sari story reveal kardi jis se dramay ki sare charming lose hogai
    Dosri baat ye k jab on air howa to buht sare logo ne criticize kiya k “false allegations” pe dramas nahi banna chahiye. Mujay lagta hai k bannay chahiye because there should be punishment for those who falsely allege someone, so ye to hogya topic
    Ab baat kartay hai execution k baray me
    Noman ijaaz ki death tak dramay ki execution kaafi achi rahi but pechli 4,5 episodes se buht slow chal raha hai i hope k story aagay ja kar zoor pakhre gi because yusra rizvi ne kaha tha k total 20 episodes hai so its means 8 episodes remains
    Mujay is dramay ki sub se achi baat noman ijaaz k baad Yusra, bilal and little ghana performance
    Bilal ki dialogues bi itnay nahi but us k expression
    Kamal k hai
    Ap please share your thoughts dramay ka topic, execution and performance k baray me.

    • Hello Ayaz, I agree with you jo aap ne drama ke topic ke bare mei kaha, I think Big Bang sometimes goes off track. Beshk is production house ne hamei kuch buhat zabardast dramas bhi dekhne ko diye hei lekin mujhe feel hota hei ke Cheekh ke baad directors aur producers kuch ziada hi un lines pr dramas bana rahe hei. Bilal Abbas ki acting buhat achi hei lekin mujhe feel hota hei ke execution ziada achi ho sakti thi. Is wakt ARY pr lagne wale dramas mei se Aulaad is definitely on top of my list aur mujhe Pehli Si Mohabbat bhi meaningful aur entertaining lg raha hei. Dunk ka topic different hei but story phr wohi ajeeb o ghareeb kism ki conditions mei shadi. Mujhe personally Dunk kabhi bhi must watch nahi laga. Overuse of OST, dragging the scenes, overdramatizing the emotional scenes, ye sb buhat ziada off-putting lagta hei especially jb kahani mei dum na ho.

  • Agreed with you
    Yaar big bang ne apne har achay projects badar Mehmod tak limited rake howe hai
    Yes aulaad ki bi execution achi hai
    But me kabi kabi kehta ho k big bang ko Kashif nisaar, anjum shehzad, farooq rind jaisay director ki buht saht zaroorat hai nadeem baig bi acha hai but bo to six sigma ss link hai
    Kashif nisaar is very talented

    • Ayaz Aap ne notice kiya ho ga ke Big Bang ko overdramatic scenes kafi pasand hei and I feel ke at least Kashif Nisar tu aise scenes shoot krne se forun hi inkar kr dei gay since his style is completely different. Mujhe lagta hei Big Bang ko wo directors chahyeh jo in ke kehne pr chalei.

  • >