Rare Photos from the Set of Dil-e-Muztar! Latest!

Dil-e-Muztar is one of those dramas in the waiting list of the upcoming dramas of this year which has created a good audience through its promos that are been aired on HUM Network. We shared a detailed article about the new serial which reflects its intensity through the dialogues that are showcased in the promo. Just like all previous projects, Momina Duraid has made sure that not a single ingredient is missed in this production. The Director, Shehzad Kashmiri seems to enjoy one of the best opportunities given to him and according to the reviews that are circulating in the drama industry, DIl-e- Mmuztar is a very well-directed serial.

As seen. the drama holds an interesting cast, having Imran Abbas, Sarwat Gillani, Sanam Jung and Humayun Saeed, including other flawless actors like Saba Hameed,Ismat Zaidi, Rabia  Naaureen. Imran Abbas has made his come back to the Pakistani Drama industry after suffering from a real bad time in the neighboring country. This is not the first time that Imran Abbas would be seen on screen with Sarwat, in fact both of them were also seen in Meri Zaat Zara-e-Benishan.

Here are few  rare snaps of the celebrities of the serial who are excited about their new project. Have a look!

Dil-e-Muztar – The Celebrations!

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On the Set

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The Celebrities

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Sarwat Gillani’s Birthday on the Set

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The Drama will go on air on 26th February and it is hoped that the project would earn respectful TRPs,bringing more fame to the channel and the celebrities who are a part of it.

Best Wishes

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  • Imran Abbass looks 21 at the age of 35. He is really handsome. I often get jeolous of his beauty. On the other side, Aijaz Aslam is also handsome but he looks Imran's elder Bhai Jaan if not Papa.

  • Aijaz Aslam and Imran look so well groomed in these pictures, Sanam Jung is very attractive and talented newcomer. No comments about Sarwat Gilani about her MAKEUP and aging process. Seeing is believing.

  • imran is the most finest actors which pak industry has………..love you

    sarwat u r as always awesum n sanam u performed v well n ur chemistry wid imran is faab

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