Kahi Unkahi Episode 15 – The Real Drama

So finally that moment arrived that we all were waiting for. Everything seemed to be in it’s place & the pace of the episode seemed perfect too. Plus there were some really good twists & turns that we didn’t see coming.

Sherry finally understood that he & Anum are two different people who have nothing in common. All he could think of was Zoyee. Mariam understood how he felt but still she was persistent at convincing him to get engaged to Anam. I think it would’ve been better if any one of the family member stood by him or supported him, of all the people I didn’t expect Mariam to force Sherry into getting committed considering the fact that she knew about Sherry’s feelings for Zoya, at least she should have supported Sherry but then again she is new to the family so that’s why she wanted to play safe & in-line to what the rest of the family was expecting.

Zoya on the other hand was restless & down. She might not have admitted but it is pretty evident now that she has fallen for Sherry as well, or may not have fallen for him but has liked him ever since because he was her first best, boy friend whom she endeared the most. The way she was spaced out was something which had to be shown because her feelings can not be set aside as well.

Finally, unwillingly Sherry reached to Anam’s place & confessed how he felt about her. Anam was shattered but then I felt sorry for her as well because no doubt, she threw herself at Sherry but couldn’t succeed. To drop the idea of engagement that too at the last moment would be something which no one would ever imagine. Sherry could have prevented it all from happening because even though Anam is a negative character, she shouldn’t have gone through so much.

At last the fact has been revealed to Mr. Kamal that Sherry took this decision because of Zoya. The thing that caught me off-gaurd was Ansar’s suggestion, I must say this was definitely something which I never expected. This twist does seem interesting because just to resist & then later agreeing to their relation wouldn’t make the drama more interesting. Ansar has such an evil mind I must say. His suggestion was spot-on & now I really don’t know what Zoya would have to face. I am glad that Ansar’s flick with the office girl Seema got discovered by another evil person Zeeshan. Only he can tackle Ansar, given their history.

I see the drama getting a bit more dramatic but for sure interesting. & at last Sherry’s confession to Zoya. It was something sweet, no doubt that the dialogues were something which we have heard a lot & looked like another scene from the movie ‘Meinne Pyaar Kiya’ where the guy confesses ‘tum hasti ho to mai hasta hoon, tum roti ho to mai rota hoon’. Whatever Sherry said to Zoya was exactly on the same line with a little different words but finally I am glad he didn’t hold back & we didn’t see any such communication gap where he is not being able to talk to her & she is holding herself back. Their conversation was short, a bit intense BUT to the point.

Once again Mrs. Kamal’s character failed to leave any impact even in such a tense situation. All we saw her was just standing there uselessly.  Once again her dialogue was ‘Aggar Sherry ko Zoya pasand hoti to wo mujhe batata’. How can she say all this after Sherry clearly told her at the beach that he is ready to make a commitment to Zoya? I fail to understand the importance of her character. She is just someone who is there to complete the family photo without having much to say. When the drama started I looked forward to her character more because she always spoke what she felt & that too most of the time in negation to what Mr. Kamal’s point was but she was always right & someone very likeable but now as the story has progressed her dialogues are less & even those dialogues seem unnecessary.

Anyhow, over all a great episode with much drama that we all were waiting for, I enjoyed watching it thoroughly. The preview was great too. Now we’d have more of Shahzeb to see, I hope he clarifies his position in front of Sherry after all the chaos. & I’d have to say it once again that I totally dislike Anam’s character. Ekh!

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Fatima Awan

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