Real Life Bakhtawar Farheen Naqvi In Dire Need Of Help

Life is not a bed of roses, this is true for all but for some it is a bed of thorns. Seeing people struggle and go through life gives everyone motivation to bear their burdens. Such an inspiration is Farheen Ishtiaq Naqvi, the real life inspiration behind Yumna Zaidi’s character Bakhtawar.

Farheen is the real life Bakhtawar who has been supporting her family as well as her 11 year old daughter herself for years now. She has worked in a shop, drove uber and is an inspiration for people out there that how you should always be courageous and face life head on.

Our real-life Bakhtawar is going through a very tough time these days. Farheen is financially hit hard as her savings went in the treatment of her mother whom she lost recently. Her car has broken down which is her only source of income. Thus, she needs Pakistanis to step up and help such a brave lady in the time of this dire need.

This is what Farheen has to say:

Share this with people who can help this brave lady and let’s make our real-life Bakhtawar come out of this crisis!

Pakeeza Dar

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