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Recent Beautiful Clicks Of Iqra Aziz

Iqra Aziz has not been in the industry for that long but she made a mark with her acting skills very soon and after her induction we got to see her in so many projects at once like Qurban, Deewana, Choti si zindagi, Mol, Khamoshi and last but not the least Suno Chanda.

She has mostly done monotonous roles though but her negative role in Khamoshi was really hated and she had done a good job but the way she performed in Suno Chanda, she outdid her own previous performances. The character seems close to Iqra’s actual bubbly nature.

Iqra is very famous on social media and she has managed to maintain a good social media presence as well. She is seen most of the times endorsing brands as well.

Recently Iqra’s beautiful pictures surfaced the social media and she is looking effortlessly gorgeous in those looks.

Her Suno Chanda sequel is in the pipeline. Iqra has come in the industry and has made a mark and made a name of herself  in a short span of time and she still has a long way to go.

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