Reema Khan and her Husband Celebrated their Wedding Anniversary in USA

The legendary Reema Khan celebrated her eighth anniversary with her husband and family in the USA. 

Reema posted her anniversary pictures on social media that went viral over the internet. Everyone fell in love with the evergreen Reema Khan. She looked stunningly beautiful in an off-white dress by the famous HSY and Dr. Tahir’s dress was by Munib Nawaz. 

A special cake with their wedding picture printed on it was there to make their day even more special. Reema thanked everyone for their warm wishes. 

Here are some of the beautiful pictures of gorgeous Reema with her husband celebrating their 8 years of togetherness. Have a look! 

reema 5

reema 6

reema 7

reema 8

reema 9

reema 10

reema 11

reema 12

reema 13

reema 14

reema 15


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