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Reham Khan’s Strength Makes Shaista Lodhi Cry!

Reham Khan was a talk show host only until she got married to Imran Khan. Once she was in the spot light the media dug up her past and her character assassination started without giving little consideration to how this might be effecting her and her children especially. Reham Khan always protested against this insensitive attitude of the media but we never saw her breaking out in public. She has always kept a very strong demeanor through everything and even when the divorce took place and there were all kinds of accusations she refused to play the victim.


Reham Khan was invited by Shaista Lodhi as a guest in her Morning Show. She was given a very warm welcome by the hosts and the guests. Reham Khan had a heart to heart talk with Shaista in which she discussed everything relating to her life. Reham Khan also sang few lines from a ghazal which summarized why she was never seen crying in public. She said that people always asked her how she was so strong and the answer to that was that people who want to work to make something out of their lives do not have time to cry. Shaista Lodhi could not help crying when she heard Reham Khan singing perhaps because she could also relate to her situation.


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