Rahma Ali Has Something Serious To Say

Unfortunately, the Pakistan television industry has lost another legend, Abid Ali, today. He was a man of honor. People loved him for his amazing acting style. Other than acting, Abid Ali was a style icon for his followers. His fans loved the way he uses to carry himself. 

Abid Ali’s family, fans and co-stars are in grief and sorrow. Rahma Ali just posted a video on social media that left everyone in shock. 

Rahma Ali told the public that Rabia Noreen, the second wife of Abid Ali, has left the hospital with the dead body. She banned his first wife and daughters from mourning at her house. How can one be so stone-hearted? 

Rahma Ali along with her mother and phupo are still in hospital and don’t know what to do and where to go. They don’t know anything about the funeral. 

That’s really sad. They lost their father and now they are not even allowed to attend his funeral. 


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  • your father was living with her and she was with him all the time what are you suppose she does ? zahir hai hospital say ghar tou lay k jana tha

  • Chaloo koi bat ni saber Kero .Allah ki zaat saber kerny waloon k sath hoti hy.hamysh koi b ni rehta saab ko Jana hy.aap pleez on k liy dua keryn

  • I don’t know what to do😥
    Phelay toh yaad nahi tha baap
    Ab maar gaya toh dramay
    Q ab i think he left some wealth

  • Dramay baaz urat . Walid beemar tha hospitalised tha or yeah parlour main thi. Jo inko pta nhi chala. Gandi ullad ab dramay ker rhi hai

  • Father thy unko chehra zaror dikhana chahiy tha. Har family k apny masly hoty hain. Kabi kabi inko ignore b karna chahiy.

  • Bechaari ka aik ansoo b nahin nikla.kitna pyaar hai is ko apney baap se.plz check again.
    Bs shrdoon shrdoon hi krti rahi.

  • So bad that Rahma is using father’s death for publicity.
    Jab ye hospital visit kar sakti hai to janaza gah mai kiyun nahi.
    And zahir ha dead body Rabia noreen ke ghar jaani thi q k abid ali ka asli ghar wohi hai

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