Release Date For Sohai Ali Abro’s “Motorcycle Girl”

Sohai Ali Abro is the star in upcoming Pakistani movie “Motorcycle Girl” which is a biopic of Zenith Irfan, the first Pakistani girl to have travelled the whole country on her motorcycle and that too at the young age of 20.

Sohai will be impersonating the strong and able young girl and will be seen travelling from Lahore to the Northern areas on bike. The movie is written and directed by Adnan Sarwar under the banner of Excellency Films.

“Motorcycle Girl” will be releasing all over the country on the 20th of April this year. It will be great to see a movie showing the journey of a real girl who bravely fulfilled her heart’s desire for such an unusual adventure.


Release Date For Sohai Ali Abro’s “Motorcycle Girl”

Mehwish Mansoor