Aangan Episode 15 Review – So Extra!

Ohkay so, the entire wedding phase in this drama has been covered in such a convincing manner that you just can’t help but relate to everything that’s happening & for that I must say Faiza Iftikhar deserves a standing ovation for bringing us such a drama which offers so much reality with which all the viewers can relate.

In this episode again, all the minute details that happen in the background when a wedding is being planned were blended so beautifully with all the other things that it made it seem as if we were personally involved in all these wedding preps. From finalizing the guest lists to making the final calls, from getting the suits ready to finally arranging the first gathering, all the details were perfectly portrayed.

The funniest bit was Anila & Aalu’s involvement because they were under the impression that nothing could’ve been done without their presence. The way Anila arranged everything went to show that she believed in making a point so that everyone knows that she is the one who was in charge of the function. The focus of Anila & Aalu on the unnecessary details was quite amusing & enjoyable at the same time. I loved how they both made milad function just ‘so extra’ & ‘OTT’, as if people only came to enjoy the function & not pray to attain blessings for the couple.

I found it so realistic how everyone on the phone kept on asking whether they could bring their entire family members or not, something which everyone experiences when inviting people. All these little details make it so close to reality which is the strength of this drama.

Abba Jee made sure that Faseeha forgave Zahid for what he did. The way he is involved in everything goes to show how much he loves, respects & cherishes Aqdas & his addition in the family, that is why it was very sweet of him to go & personally apologize to Faseeha. Honestly speaking, I lol’ed at the way Hajra tackled Afrah, may be she is the only character which I find annoying that is why I had a good laugh when Hajra gave her a shutup call using Sadaan’s phone.

Another beautiful moment of this episode was Hajra trying to make Laila understand Rubina’s perspective when it came to spending on basics like suits & other stuff. I loved the way Laila gifted Rubina that suit only to make her feel less burdened & more happy. The smile on Rubina’s face when she heard that it was a gift was super sweet. In stead of telling everyone that she couldn’t afford, Rubina just went into this shell so that no one pressurizes her to do much spending, which was again very wise of her. Rubina knows that she has a certain baggage to deal with but she never uses it to portray herself as a victim!

I loved the way Zahid became normal & once again tried to get involved in the wedding planning but on his own terms. The way Hajra & Laila tackled him was so funny. I know Zahid has been shown as someone who is very stern & staunch but it is again commendable that everyone in the family is considerate when it comes to his concerns. The way Sajjad tried to tell Zoya that Zahid was right depsite being wrong in wording his thoughts was quite sweet. Even though everyone talks back to Zahid but they surely have accepted him for who he is.

Overall, this episode was fun to watch. I loved Aalu & Anila’s involvement & the way they took things to another level by adding unnecessary details. I can’t wait to see what more is in store for us when it comes to this wedding. Noor ul Hassan & Irsa Ghazal both take the crown for portraying Sajjad & Hajra to perfection, it is a treat to watch them. Everyone else is in their element as well & they all have made Aangan what it is. Please share your thoughts about this amazing episode of Aangan.

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