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Resham participating in flood relief efforts

The recent floods have devastated a large part of Punjab and Sindh province leaving many affected persons. While many are contributing to flood relief efforts, Resham has also handed over a truck carrying goods to army worth rupees 8,00,000 (8 laakh).

As per Resham she arranged all this with the help of fellow artists, Rahat Fatah Ali contributed 100,000 (1 lakh), Nauman Ejaz, Ahsan Khan and Juggan Kazim provided Rs. 25,000 each while the rest is arranged by Resham. Resham further told she always strives to help the victims of any catastrophic event and also urged the fellow artists and nation to show the same spirit. Resham also praised and acknowledged the relief work of Pak Army,  saying Army has always been the leading institution helping the victims so she also decided to handover the truck to Pak Army.

Full content from urdu daily Dunya.

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Rashid Nazir Ali