Rubaru – Episode 02!

Another week of a decent episode. I am sure it will get a lot more interesting than it may seem for now because Surmed is for sure some unusual character what we haven’t seen in a while. I am glad that they are shifting a whole chunk of negative limelight from the females & letting us know that men have some of those aspects hidden in them too.

I never thought that Shabbi would actually get engaged to that guy. Obviously it was a mismatch but to see her Naani actually agreeing for the proposal was something hard to digest. At one point Naani wants everything perfect for Shabbi but how come she agreed for a guy of certain age for her young grand-daughter, it wasn’t that Shabbi’s biological clock was ticking or she wasn’t getting any suitable proposals? This was the very first proposal they got & to agree to it in haste was unreal. Anyhow, it was meant to be broken & I am glad it happened.

Is it just me or Kiran is actually annoying? I don’t get that a calm & decent guy like Tipu is actually tolerating a snobbish girl like her. Well, like they say ‘love is blind & so are the lovers’, yeah I think they’re re-living that proverb. I think they didn’t need to show Kiran as a villain just in order to establish the fact that Shabbi is ‘bholi bhali’. It could’ve been conveyed without making her cousin Kiran a complete evil. I guess the writers don’t want to work on each & every character independently so to support the positivity of their main character, they come up with side characters of opposite nature, which at times seems uncalled for. I mean what has Kiran faced in her life to be so insecure or jealous? Yeah, their grandmother has always compared Shabbi & Kiran but that doesn’t mean that Kiran has to be snotty in reaction to that.

Well, bad for Shabbi that Surmed showed such extent of interest in her that anyone would’ve been moved by his sincerity. His eagerness & yearning along with contant pleas followed by promising assurance, I am sure anyone would’ve fallen for it & sadly, they all did. I thought for a guy without any family or mother figure on his head, he definitely knew a lot more when it came to mooching. He earned their trust by sending all those gifts which a guy on his own wouldn’t know of but I am sure he had done his homework keenly.

Obviously their very first post-wedding moments together were a shocker – for Shabbi & for all of us. Poor girl has to endure what she doesn’t deserve & what she ain’t entitled to. Surmed’s pills shed a light on a whole new chapter which I am sure will be developed in coming episodes so for this I am not jumping to any assumptions. I hope to see a bit lesser of Naani because I am ashamed to admit, she is annoying. I don’t know why but yeah. So, let’s wait for the next episode to find out Shabbi’s reaction.

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