Rubaru – Episode 03!

Ohkay so this was more like a filler episode without much going on but it did just focus on the immediate post wedding happenings. I think considering the suspicious & turbulent start of Shabbi’s married life, it was pretty justified that they didn’t show much except a few glances that Shabbi & Surmed exchanged throughout the episode.

It was unusual that Shabbi fell sick on the day of her Reception. She may be traumatized but I guess she recovered from it pretty quickly. Shabbi has always been shown as an introvert but it was unusual to see a girl like Shabbi taking it quite well whatever happened to her immediately after marriage. If it were any other girl who had to go through what Shabbi did, I am sure she wouldn’t be roaming around so casually in her husband’s home & conversing with her housekeeper so candidly. I think they should’ve shown that Shabbi was more concerned about Surmed’s anger fits rather than being worried about who has lived in this house & what has happened to Surmed’s parents.

Surmed’s actual reason of why he got married to Shabbi & why he did all that to her still remains a mystery which will unveil in the future so for now he is quite profoundly putting up with the show of being a good son-in-law in front of Shabbi’s family.

Kiran continues to be annoying & who’s more annoying is her mother. I think she shouldn’t be teaching Kiran ‘miyan ko kabu karne k 101 tareeqe’  because she is going to live in the very same house or probably in a room next door. So, in stead of telling her the otherwise, she must teach her how to bind the whole family together or in stead of making her worried, her mother should let the newly wedded couple enjoy their days of glory because the couple certainly has all the ‘bara burhas’ on their head to lead them. I think it is definitely unnecessary what Kiran’s mother is teaching her because her daughter didn’t get married to a complete stranger nor her in laws are outside the family.

I think Surmed is confused himself because at one moment he looks at her with sincerity & the very next moment he reacts to the dog that has bit him. Not sure what’s happening with him but I am sure he will find a way to be in truce with his past. I am looking forward to a little more revelations in the next episode because seems like Shabbi does resemble Surmed’s lady-love from the past or maybe not. So far no complaints from either the director or the performances of the actors. Everyone’s doing well. :)

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