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Saba Qamar Angry About Item Number Rumors

Many online pages have been reporting that Saba Qamar is doing an item number in the upcoming film “Mastani 8969” . The rumors started when the following picture of the film that clearly says item number under Saba Qamar’s pictures went viral on social media.



While talking to HIP, Saba Qamar not only denied these rumors but was also very furious that her name was being used like this by the producer to get attention. “It’s just a stupid publicity stunt by the producer to promote his venture, nothing else,” Saba Qamar said while talking to the online blog. Saba Qamar also informed her viewers that this was not a commercial film but a telefilm in which she plays the role of an actress.

Saba Qamar also said, “When I do dramas, housewives relate to me. I don’t think they will continue to feel the same about me once I perform on an item song.”

“If I do item songs, then I’ll leave TV.” Not only this she also said, “Dekhein log kitni laan taan ker rahein hain Mehwish aur Humaima ko.”