Saba Qamar receives death threats!

Saba Qamar was previously seen in Lahore se aagey and is a part of an upcoming Indian film ‘Hindi Medium’. Pakistani actors were banned to work in India, post the growing political conflicts between the countries. However, Saba Qamar starer Hindi Medium will possibly release on March 31, 2017.

An Indian website Pinkvilla recently reported that during an interview, When the media asked Irrfan, if Saba is still a part of his film, he didn’t want to get misquoted on the issue and hence joked. He quipped that the actress is now married to an Indian and hence technically is now an Indian.

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While the press understood the joke it was somehow made into breaking headlines in Pakistan leaving the actor completely amused. Not just that, but the actor’s joke also landed Saba in some serious trouble. She has been receiving lot of death threats as some people in Pakistan think that she has married an Indian.

According to Pinkvilla a source informed them, “Irrfan joked about the situation so that he doesn’t get misquoted. But he didn’t know that his remark will land Saba in trouble. She has been receiving death threats now and people are actually believing that Saba has married an Indian.”

Rimsha Butt

Rimsha Butt