Dhaani Episode 21 – Last Review!

Ohkay so, this episode sealed the deal for me that this is going to be the last episode of Dhaani that I am going to watch & the last review that I am going to post. I think I want to leave this drama for those viewers who are still enjoying it because as a reviewer, it is giving me absolutely nothing to talk about & it is becoming burdensome for me to tune to it every week when I am so not looking forward to it. I think if I will keep on speaking about it negatively, it will affect those viewers who are still a fan of this drama & still tune to it because they find it a decent entertainment, so I want to stop for their sake & for my sake too. I think the director & the producers should jump with joy that they have crossed the 20th episode mark, because where they have earned some profits, the viewers have lost interest in the show!

Half of this episode was dedicated to some deep & philosophical conversations that were happening between a duo of drunkards Babu Bottle & Sameer & I most certainly had zero interest in listening to them because I knew by not paying heed to their conversations, I won’t be missing much. It is actually amusing to be honest how these guys have become all philosophical after failing at life in general. I know the writer has tried really hard to make Sameer look like a hero but I am not sure if it is because of Sami Khan or the character of Sameer, everything about him is so off-putting & screams lazy to me that I just don’t enjoy watching this character at all.

Dhaani girl, you need to get your act together. As much as I like/liked Dhaani, I am so not a fan of her weird attitude. Dhaani has become this angry bird & is just so unhappy & bitter in general that it is not fun to watch. First off, it was her own mistake that she fell for guy like Sameer who was morally & ethically weak, then it was her mistake where she couldn’t honestly tell her father that she was involved with him, then again it was her mistake that she agreed to get engaged to Amjad, so now if Amjad was trying to have a conversation with her like her fiancé, I just didn’t understand why she was just so bitter about the entire scenario. Yes, I understand she has zero interest in Amjad so obviously she wasn’t thrilled with the idea of meeting him & having a conversation with him, but then again, she herself jumped into this relationship, so why does she expect things to be happening according to her weird mood? Amjad was not wrong in wanting to meet her, so not sure why she was so frustrated about the entire situation?

If Dhaani was heart-broken, she could’ve just said no to Amjad’s proposal so that she could’ve sulked for the rest of her life in stead of listening to her father & agreeing to this engagement. When she knew that she will never be able to respect her father’s decision & will also mistreat Amjad for the rest of her life, so why did she agree to get engaged? Like what good has she achieved or is she achieving out of this messy situation? I just can not believe that a character which started off at such a promising & unique note has come down to this where just because she is heart-broken for weird reasons to begin with, she has lost the will to live!?!?! Grow up girl!

After getting to know that Sameer was residing in the interior Lahore, Riyasat & Rehan tried to turn this scenario into their favor where they believe that seeing how Sameer is mingling with everyone there, people will vote for Rehan, yawn! Not interested once again! For the first time, I was glad that this episode didn’t have the scenes of Raja & co. because they have damaged my eardrums enough already!

I am sure this episode must’ve worked for a lot of viewers & I totally accept & agree that they must’ve had their reasons but just because I am unable to keep my interest alive in the show, everything just seemed so burdensome & boring to me. So, at this stage I am not going to continue any further because even the preview didn’t give me anything to look forward to & I think I’ve had enough of Dhaani. Please share your thoughts!

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Zahra Mirza

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