Saba Qamar Spoke In Favor Of Areeqa Haq

One artifact that Pakistanies are best at is trolling and making people hate themselves. Pulling the leg of others who are climbing high out of jealousy is a common thing.

Same incident took place when Asim Azhar gave a sneak peak of his upcoming song featuring Areeka Haq who is a famous tik toker.

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People bashed Areeqa Haq as much as they could that too in the times when everyone is talking about mental health issue.



Asim Azhar stood in favor of Areeqa Haq and took twitter to educate the people who talk about depression but in reality have nothing to do about the feelings of others.

Asim Azhar Under Fire For Featuring Areeqa Haq In Upcoming Song 3

Areeqa Haq also talked about the behavior of public towards her.

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Saba Qamar also stood by Areeqa haq.

Saba Qamar 12


She advised her to be strong and come up as a more stronger person. Saba has also requested the people to be kind and to support each other.

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