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Saba Qamar To Play The Lead In Younis Butt's Upcoming Sitcom "She"

Saba Qamar has worked with the best directors and producers of the country. She has been part of many hit dramas and she has shown her versatility by playing different kinds of characters. This time after working with Dr. Younis Butt in “Hum Sub Umeed Se Hein” and Geo TV”s sitcom “Miss Fire” which aired in 2013 Saba Qamar will be seen playing the role of a strong woman who is not influenced by anyone in the sitcom “She”.

Saba Qamar will play the character of Baji Rao Mastani who is a police オンライン カジノ officer. According to the Geo TV website Saba”s character will be “Baji” for people who are good and she will be “Rao” for evil people and as a whole her personality will be that of a “Mastani”.

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