Sabaat Episode 26 Story Review – Anaya Is Back

After a long time, I actually enjoyed watching Sabaat all thanks to Anaya’s track. Anaya is back with a bang! I absolutely loved how Anaya and her mother moved forward; beautifully shown. It would be safe to say that Anaya is better off without Hassan. Miraal’s tack continues to be shallow and meaningless. Even after all these years, her sole purpose in life continues to be the same. Anaya’s track is the saving grace of this drama for the most part. Although her character took a disappointing turn when she got married to Hassan, she is however back to being her old self. Mawra Hocane and Seemi Raheal were the stars of the show tonight. They breathed life into all those beautiful scenes.

Moving On With Grace

Tonight’s episode focused more on Anaya moving on than showing what Hassan was going through. The one scene which covered Hassan’s track made it clear that he was suffering. While Fareed’s family was drifting apart, Anaya and her mother were busy starting afresh even though the odds were against them. All their scenes were captured brilliantly and watching Anaya’s friends stand by her side was heartwarming. This track had so many positive sides to it. Although Anaya and her mother obviously missed the one they lost, they had the strength to look ahead. When Anaya wanted to give up, her mother gave her strength and when her mother did not have a lot of hope, Anaya came up with practical solutions to their problems. I missed this aspect of Anaya’s personality because when she was with Hassan she had lost her spark. Also, all these friends who were always there by her side suddenly disappeared. I am glad that Anaya has taken control once again.

Sabaat Episode 26 Story Review – Anaya Is Back

Anaya decided to start a business using her baking talent, something which wasn’t revealed previously. She decided that she was going to manage on her own, her mother and friends’ support throughout was endearing. This was such a wonderful way of showing how such support helps those ladies who want to move forward after they have had an experience like the one Anaya had. I wish she shouldn’t have said that she felt for her baby because he was going to grow up without a father. After all, the entire track was taken forward to establish that women can indeed raise their children independently too.

Miraal & Co

Miraal’s track is as ridiculous as it gets, she has a whole gang of seemingly intelligent people who endorse all her craziness. Even after all these months, Atif continues to be her spy and it was highly unconvincing the way he got all the inside information in this episode! How did he find out that Anaya was expecting? Not only this, he found out that Anaya had a baby immediately after she gave birth! Miraal decided to file for divorce and Ali was so ‘thankful’ to her. I am not surprised that she is getting a divorce but why is she even thinking about getting married again? Miraal has to be the most badly written and executed negative character we have seen in recent times. She has no emotions but she isn’t exactly evil. Someone like her would surely have some feelings and if that is not the case then she is a psychopath but somehow Harris has no diagnosis for her even now.

Sabaat Episode 26 Story Review – Anaya Is Back

The only good thing about this track was watching Fareed sitting on the dinner table waiting for his children but only Miraal turned up. He looked unhappy and different from the person he was before. After hearing about Miraal’s future plans, he did not try hard enough to convince her. His character has completely been sidelined since he could have had a conversation with Harris. Harris’ fixation with Miraal makes no sense whatsoever! Now he does not want to divorce her even though as a psychiatrist he should be able to tell that this marriage will not work out! All these characters are the worst part of the drama and since they get so much screen time, any episode focusing entirely on them is difficult to watch.

Final Remarks

After watching this episode, I am particularly interested in Anaya’s track. I couldn’t care less about Miraal since it is obvious that her track will have a sudden and most probably a predictable ending. It seems like Anaya is going to work for Miraal’s rivals. I just hope that she can bring their company down and make her way up.

Did you watch tonight’s episode of Sabaat? Do share your thoughts about it.

Fatima Awan

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  • Didn’t watch the full episode yet , just a quick glance on phone . I like to watch full episode on TV with family :).. Loving her supporting friends circle .. something that I saw after a long time in dramas. As I always write that maybe because Islamabad is my home town , I am loving the beautiful scenery , simple track, informative bank fraud scene in last episode .. Looking forward every week for this drama .

  • I decided to watch this weeks episode after skipping more than half the drama, because I like go-getter Anaya. I enjoyed her scenes with her mum and friends. It’s really heart-warming to watch women supporting each other in a drama.

    Miraal’s track feels like a waste of time (and I was continually distracted by those earrings). I don’t get the point of the plot there. Do we think Ali might be tricking her and he’ll run off again after her divorce? Why are these men so determined to be married to her? They’re both reasonably well-to-do, so it can’t be the money. It’s definitely not her sparkling personality, and she can’t be the only beautiful woman in the world. So strange. I assume the drama is coming to an end- and I find it weird that Miraal has experienced absolutely zero character growth.

    Until now, I’ve thought that Hassan and Anaya may get a happy end together- but today’s episode kind of highlighted that although Hassan’s life has kind of stopped, Anaya’s experienced some of the biggest highs and lows of her life without him. Can their relationship survive the bitterness/resentment (that both of them may feel- and their feelings would be valid, I think)? Sorry for the rambling, lol, but it just got me thinking.

    • LOL!! Yes, nothing has changed, Miraal ki dressing se le kr dialogues tuk ;) I am glad you decided to catch up. I don’t think Hassan deserves a second chance but the writer is so inspired by Hamsafar, he will give it the same ending!

  • Fatima the way you gave ur review is remarkable… Each and everything has been discussed flawlessly. No need to explain more. I just want to add up that how it could be so easy for miraal to get rid of all the doings of Ali as she is being shown as very much clear about her decisions once taken. She could not give Ali a shut up call but is going to ruin her married relation? That is so weird….

    • Thank you so much Muaaz for liking the reviews and commenting. I know right! I think you mean Harris and I agree, taking khula shouldn’t be so difficult for someone like Miraal who was willing to hire someone to kill Anaya. Good point.

  • My reaction to today’s episode:

    1) Anaya proved that not on job is not an excuse of becoming a loser who can’t earn money and indulge himself in self-pity.. (Hassan are you listening?)

    2) Miraal’s concern regarding Anaya’s intentions after knowing about her pregnancy clearly shows that the root-cause of her hatred for Anaya is that she has no idea about the heights of Anaya’s self-respect..

    3) Farees Sb. seems to be start getting the taste of his own medicine in which, just like his wife, he seems concerned about the miserable lives of his children..

    4) Anaya’s self-respect and determinaiton to raise her child without his father is a model behavior for all other female characters of our dramas.. (Meenu from Jalan is on the top of my mind right now.. )

    5) Anaya’s mom and three friends in today’s episode made me realize that how much I miss female bonding in our dramas in which almost all stories explore the theme of women against women..

  • Waqaee Anaya’s track was interesting, justified by Urwa. Her acting is awesome. I liked hosp scene and Anaya’s mother approach. Aur ye amaain real main bhee kitnee samajhdar aur hoslay walee hotee hain. They know how to handle the situations rationally.

    Baqi characters ya to useless hain ya ridiculous. “Tumhain mera thankful hona bhee chahiye”… 🤦Miraal is totally wasted villain. Waisay is muhtarma ko villain kehna, negative characters ki beizzati k mutaradif hai. Laila Zubaeri ko to sirf apnee green eyes ko idhar udhar kernay k liye rakha gaya hai because whenever she tries to talk, she is snubbed.

    Next episode shows Haris meets Miral. Mulaqat apnee jaga, Haris ka haircut dekhnay k qabil hai. Director might be justifying time lapse. 😀

    Comprehensively reviewed.

    • Thank you so much Urs, long time no see. Yes, all of Anaya and her ama’s scenes were heartwarming, loved them. Totally agree with you! Laila Zuberi’s character has so much potential but the writer insists on giving her character these pauses which make no sense.

  • At one point in the drama, it felt as if Ali was sensible and ran away at the right time. However, now it seems that he’s even more foolish than Haaris. His mom told him how Miraal played havoc when he ran away, but he found it cute. He knows what Miraal is doing with Hassan’s life and he still wants to be with Miraal. He clearly sees how Miraal has handled her own married life and her husband, but still he dreams of getting married to this troublemaker. Nevermind!

    The best part of this episode was undoubtedly the Anaya track. All the people around her and their bonding is heartwarming to watch. Atif’s workplace seems to be just outside Anaya’s house as he has instant updates about what is happening in her life. Hassan on the other hand didn’t care to even find out any update on Anaya’s front. The fact that Anaya is still in marriage with him doesn’t ring a bell in his head either. Fareed and the dining table scene made me think that may be its time for nani to start haunting Fareed. Overall this was a better episode than the previous ones.

  • Assalam ulikum fatima mam
    Lux style awards 2020 nominations are out.. Mujay yaad hai walo ne bi sub dramas review kiye jO Lux awrds main nominated hai. So according to you best tv actress aur actors main kon awrd truly deserve karta hai plz share your opinion

    • Waelukum Asalam Ayaz, I think Imran Ashraf deserves the best actor award hands down, no competition there. Iqra and Yumna deserve the best actress. Best drama RRK and MPTH for completely different reasons. Kashif Nisar and Nadeem Baig director.Faiza Iftikhar and Zafar Mairaj for the best writer category. Best emerging talent is tough LOL!! I would have voted for Usman had he not been so wooden in Sabaat. Naimal has quit acting so no point voting for her otherwise she was a strong contender especially because she is popular. I would give it to Shees, well deserved. I wonder why Sami Khan, the child actor is not nominated, he is so talented.

      • Hye Fatima! Hope u are doing good! I totally agree with all of your choices but I just think that Sajal and Yumna deserve to win this time, for multiple reasons. One, both were Absolutely Brilliant. Two, Sajal was the only saving grace of Aangan, I watched Aangan only bcz of her performance and she really was phenomenal. Three, All other nominees have won LSA, once or more than once, Iqra even one both jury and popular last year. Five, Both Sajal and Yumna have never won LSA. Anyways, ye LSA hai, inka koi bharosa nai 😂 I really want you and Zahra to write an article on LSA nominations, since you have reviewed almost all of the dramas and movies that are nominated.
        Also, I believe that instead of Aangan in so many coategories, Do Bol should have been nominated. TBH, this time LSA nominations are way better than previous years. The only total disaster category is Best OST(no MPTH, Do Bol, Anaa etc).

        • Hiiii, How are you doing? I am good, Alhamdulillah. Long time! Haha true about LSA and true about Sajal. I think Sajal is phenomenal in every single project but I wasn’t too happy with YDM and Aangan wasn’t the best choice either. When you compare both these characters with Iqra’s character in RRK, there was a lot more substance and room for performance there. I also think that Sajal needs to work with actors other than Ahad. I stopped following these award shows a long time back when some of the dramas and actors who deserved winning were ignored altogether. Yumna definitely deserves an award this year, I agree. I stopped watching Do Bol after a few episodes because I felt that it was a lot like Woh Mera Dil Tha which I loved and had recently watched.

  • perfect review fatima, the track of miraal is dragged so much that now it seems that her change will happen only in last episode and we wont get to enjoy it much. haris crying was supposed to make us emotional but it was unintentionally funny. If there is one slap from Anaya to Miraal at any point, then i will ignore all the ridiculous things of the drama.

    • Thank you so much, tiger. I agree, Sabaat’s script has disappointed many times. I just hope she does not forgive and forget like Khirad, hate such endings especially when there a man stoops so low.

  • Zabardast review Fatima g ….Mujhay to yeh drama jaldi khatam hota nazar nahi aa raha I think Anaya ka beta bara ho kar apnay bongay baap aur سڑیل اور اڑیل پھوپھی say khud badla lay ga 😂

    Baychara haris usko khush hona chahiye k us pagal aurat say jaan chhoti lekin uski shakal to aisay ho gai paper dekh kar jaisay aajkal bijli ka bill dekh kar logon ki shakal ho jati hai Aur aanso nikal atay hain 😂😂😂

    • Thank you so much AKB. LOL!! Haye wese aisa ho jaye tu bura nahi hei haha! Hahahahaha Harris bechara aqal hi nahi hei us mei, mujhe tu in ke patients ke liye feel hota hei, sochei kya hal batate hu gay un ke maslu ka. Koi kehta ho ga ke husband emotionally ya physically abuse krta hei tu ye kehte hu gay get pregnant ;)

  • Anaya was right to express disappointment that her child will grow up without a father, no matter how strong and loving a mother is, a father is a father. No parent can substitute for the other.

  • lovely review, i just hope that Miraal’s company does go down, i won’t be surprised, since everyone working there is more concerned about ruining everyone’s lives & none of them are concentrating on the business
    i enjoyed Anaya’s baking & when the baby was born

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