Sabaat Episode 4 Story Review – Lacks Depth

Tonight’s episode of Sabaat covered Miraal’s growing curiosity and her attempt to keep herself busy. Anaya’s opinion about Hasan changed and Hasan is already dreaming about getting married to Anaya because she is ‘different’! Some of the characters are interesting but I must say that I am not too impressed with the dialogues. Even the situations are already getting repetitive. In this episode too there was a lot of focus on Miraal trying to control Hasan’s life. While Hasan’s friend’s undue concern for him makes sense, it is also extremely annoying! Basically, everyone has been shown opposing Hasan’s decision in their own way.

This episode also established the fact that Hasan and Miraal are not close to their mother at all. The only time we saw this family in the same frame was in the first episode! 10 days after the death of her mother, Miraal’s mother was thinking about marrying her children off! That was really odd.

Nirmal’s character did not add anything new to the story, she is another person who does exactly what Miraal wants. Miraal decided to start going to the office regularly yet there wasn’t a single scene in which she either discussed this with her father or one which covered him welcoming her. This was a slow-paced episode of Sabaat, I am waiting for the drama to take off. So far I feel that there is more focus on the visual aspect of the drama. Sarah Khan really should go easy on the make-up where it isn’t needed.

Latest Developments

All the characters got plenty of screen time in tonight’s episode. The opening scene showed a more playful and uncompromising side of Anaya. This is one character that definitely has more going for it than all the others. Mawra Hocane’s portrayal is honest and convincing. Anaya is the only character that actually surprises me at times. Tonight in the bus she told Hasan something entirely different from what I was expecting her to say. This time around though thankfully Hasan did not change his plans based on what Anaya said! Anaya is level-headed and quite likable. I am finding it really hard to connect to Hasan’s ‘journey’ right now. Ameer Gilani is doing the bare minimum and that is just not enough!

Sabaat Episode 4 Story Review - Lacks Depth

Nirmal is another person who reminded Miraal of naani’s younger days. The conversation she had with Miraal was a good way of telling the viewers how close naani was to Miraal when she was younger. Apparently Miraal does not remember much from that time and that could be the reason why she never had that connection with her naani. I am wondering how all those memories were erased from her mind and the only thing she remembered is that naani used to drive. This was one of those conversations which started off well but turned out to be quite meaningless! Ali is back in the picture and both the scenes covering his interactions with Miraal clearly showed that she was fed up with him. Someone like her shouldn’t be waiting so long to call an engagement off and it was also strange watching her dining with the fiancé she cannot stand.

Miraal locked herself in her room after her naani’s death and she has been secretly reading her diary. Unfortunately, there was no new information in this diary. What Miraal read was a repetition of everything naani had been saying to her. I really wish we could move on and I am waiting to find out where all this is leading. The fact that naani was a lot like Miraal has been well established by now.

Hasan and Anaya

Hasan and Anaya’s last day in the university was also the first day when they interacted in a friendly manner. Their conversation on the bus was well written but honestly speaking I am not rooting for this couple just yet! Why would someone like Anaya fall for Hasan? Waiting to find out. The ‘advice’ the professor gave these students was quite lame! I wish this advice was more meaningful and not so plain.

Sabaat Episode 4 Story Review - Lacks Depth

Miraal finally told her parents about Anaya, thankfully her father did not overreact like her. Later on, it was surprising that she made the first move. She is surely not going to be accommodating so easily therefore it remains to be seen what she intends to do. Hasan’s father seems like a sensible man and the actor playing the role has also done justice to it. Anaya’s scene with her father was sweet as usual.

Final Remarks

I must confess that I am especially disappointed with Miraal’s character, it is too shallow so far. Although Hasan is out to prove himself but his journey isn’t as engaging and impactful as it should be, given the circumstances. Ameer Gillani’s overall look and performance both have been quite average. I am wondering how he managed to bag this role. Mawra Hocane has been acting really well throughout. Javeria Kamran also gave a decent performance tonight. I was definitely expecting more from this episode. I am really hoping that we get to see better episodes in the upcoming weeks.

Did you watch tonight’s episode of Sabaat? Do share your views about it.

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Fatima Awan

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  • The actor playing miraals father is liaqat ali khans grandson. I heard about that in an interview. He is playing his character really good.
    Ameer gillani’s performance is very dull and plain. Mawra has done justice to her role. I liked her in bus scene. You are right this is the only likeable character from leads till now.
    Naimal said she’s going to host a get together as she appointed as a lecturer. I think there miraal will meet usman mukhtars character. Probably in episode 6.
    Excited…. To see.

    Good review FA!

    • That’s interesting Ali, thank you for the info.

      I am glad you liked the review AH, keep reading and commenting.

  • Very apt review, after MPTH i didn’t follow any drama owing to exams and due to my mother’s health. But this week i started to watch Sabaat after reading your reviews sister. So far, it has been an average drama waiting and hoping for something promising comes around soon and story takes pace. Mawra is justifying her character she is humble but have mind with reason to see things and plan. However, hassan is, i think new actor, not appealing at all. He is like plastic ka putla. I am really really disappointed with sarah khan. Though she looks affluent and dominating figure but lacks depth to influence viewers. All others are just fine. Like you me also waiting to see something more intriguing and promising. By the way ek dum vip review which covers every aspect of tonight’s qist.

      • JazakAllah Ali Haider dear, it was really difficult time i have ever seen but Thanks to Allah. She is recovering. Shukur Alhamdulillah.

        • Alhamdulillah, it is really tough to see your parents go through something like that but it is also the perfect opportunity to let them know how much you love and care for them. They need us even more in such situations, please spend as much time with her as you can.

        • nice to see your comment but sad to know about your ammi jee hasn’t been in good health, may Allah tala make their recovery very soon Ameen Sum Ameen

    • Thank you so much Waqar. I hope your mother is feeling better now. Wish her a long life with good health, Ameen. So good to hear from you after such a long time. LOL @ plastic ka putla. The script is lacking in so many ways, Miraal’s character is too shallow and not intriguing enough.

  • Even i will oppose Hassan’s decision. I am really not ok with this ‘Ameeron k chonchlay’ that i will make it on my own. Here poor and middle class can barely hang on and here’s a guy who is leaving all his business. You should just have the gratitude and then should go for your family business especially a guy like Hassan who is not like that he wants to go into army or wants to be a pilot. This drama is ok on the surface but as you said it lacks depth because it’s not light hearted entertainer. It’s more about raising awareness and unfortunately it’s seriously lagging behind. I found Anaya falling for Hassan unconvincing. Why would she fall for him? Because his Naani died? I found myself skipping this episode while watching.
    Really great review…i really like that 99.98% of the time you exactly write what i want to say.

    • LOL @ ameeron ke chonchlay, sahi baat hei! Not too impressed with where Hasan is going with this. What his father said made perfect sense.

      Thank you so much Ahsan. Good to know that we are on the same page.

  • Thank you for your review. I think Hasan’s mom will agree to get him married to anaya. She wants her children to be settle. I feel this story will be more about Miraal and Anaya (might not be very interlinked). And I feel there is more to Nani’s dairy.

    • You’re welcome Pakistani. Hasan’s mom is such a caricature and I think Laila Zuberi looks much older than the actor playing her husband’s role. Let’s see, I am not expecting much from Miraal’s track at the moment.

  • Nice review Fatima as usual, but Im really liking this drama, and I think its really fast paced. I didn’t want to see it first but after your reviews started watching it, and loving it. I feel the story is going v fast, nani died, the fight , change in hassan, and now proposal…..Hassan looks like a kid, but acting wise as a newcomer he is doing very well and im liking his performance, his chemistry and scenes with Anaya are my fav. First time Im watching Sara Khan, also don’t like Mawra (watched 2-3 episodes of Aangan and Daasi and stopped) , and till now don’t know abt Usman’s acting talent, so for me its like watching everyone for the first time, and Im impressed by all.

    • I completely agree
      After watching daasi I found Mawras acting annoying however I feel as if Anaya’s character is getting better and I find myself looking forward to her scenes. I actually don’t think that ameer gilanis performance is bad and I find that Sarah khans make up is in point, but great review Fatima!

      • Thank you so much Anonymous for liking the review and for sharing your views. I am glad you are enjoying this one.

    • Thank you so much tiger. I am glad you are enjoying watching this one. I feel it is going downhill with every passing episode but yes every episode has something interesting about it.

      Appreciate your feedback.

  • Fatima, I’m so done with this drama… Didn’t even bother watching the latest episode. Yaar, you’re right. This one lacks depth…. Dialogues and situations are so plain…. Entire focus is on stylish clothes and makeup of Sara Khan and on interior designing of the houses… Kuch baat ban nahi rahi , man! Bare bare dialogue maarne ki koshish ki jati hai which falls flat! Anayas dialogues & sarcasm are not close to reality even Miraals tanturms & sudden disinterest in Ali doesn’t make much sense. On top of that Sara Khan’s acting makes it even worse… Role ko nibha nahi paa rahi… Hasan aur us ke Abba ki acting to wese hi mashallah!! University scenes of Anaya with friends bhi bus aiween hi… I mean, not much realistic…. Scenes ko bilawaja drag Kiya jata hai…. Dil ruba is much much better with short and to the point scenes and solid performances… Even tarap is better though didn’t like at first…

    • I had a really difficult time sitting through this one so I understand why you are no longer watching it. So true about the dialogues, batein aise hoti hei jese sb koi bare meaningful characters he lekin aisa kuch bhi nahi! I agree with you, filler scenes hote hei, slow motion mei, reminds me of Hum’s Aangan.

      I really liked Tarap’s first episode, not too happy with some of the characters but yes it is engaging and intriguing. Some of the tracks keep my interest alive. I like Kashf so far minus the sisters’ track, na hi add krte aisi behan, too cliched!

      • Yes, ajeeb koi….. , how can she develop “feelings” for wajdan when she even knows that he’s engaged to kashaf! Hopeless case….

  • I can’t stand Miraal even from the first episode. The developments in the drama are so sudden that one can’t connect to them.
    The only scenes I look forward to are Anaya and her parents’. The scenarios are repetitive especially in Hassan/Miraal scenario. Still going to watch it as it is better than whatever stuff is on air these days.

    PS : Fatima! What is happening with ti reviewit. First they restricted number of reviews. Then started lame articles. Then changed your articles. Now they are recycling old articles (that even have our comments from last year). The comment section sometimes doesn’t show up. When it does, the commenting is turned off. This all really doesn’t feel good.

    • I honestly thought the characterization will improve as the story progresses but yes feeling the same way as you about Miraal now. Same here, Anaya and her parents are the only good thing about this drama right now. I am watching it in the hope that it will get better. I hate to say this but it has the potential to be another Ishqiya!

      I couldn’t see the comments section either, talked to admin again yesterday. I find it equally frustrating. About those articles, ab kya kare same issue as all those lame dramas which get ratings! Things are slow nowadays but these articles get the clicks, way more than drama reviews! Baat tu such hei mgr baat hei ruswai ki.

      Pakistan Po the truth is that the Admin has to keep the website running otherwise reviewit too will shut down like so many other websites that posted reviews only.

  • Asa Fatima,
    I am your silent reader for many years but never commented.
    Your review is true depiction of my thoughts 💭 as I was thinking 🤔 the same while watching the show.Thanks for an awesome review.
    This drama lacks in story and acting as well, not a big fan of Sara Khan but here we got two bad actors in the shape of Ameer Gillani and Sara.
    I was watching this show because of Usman Mukhtar, now fed up of waiting for his entry.
    He hasn’t been in the scene yet and next is 5th episode,I haven’t seen any drama where a main hero 🦸‍♀️ is missing.
    If UM had not been there I would not watch this play, hope he saves this ship 🚢 from drowning as the story is so lame.
    Director seems awestruck by Sara’s beauty, every time she comes on the screen the camera moves in a slow motion( seriously 😳)
    Thanks once again,
    Stay home and stay safe!

    • Waelukum Asalam Simi, I am so glad that you decided to comment. You’re most welcome.

      You are absolutely right. I feel that the producers are banking too heavily on star power and most of the viewers are not happy about that. I hope Usman Mukhtar’s character will be worth the wait.

      LOL!! You are so right about the slow-motion scenes… most of the time they are not needed.

      Enjoyed reading your comment, keep reading and commenting.

  • I actually like Ameer Gilaani’s acting. His best asset is his voice – and he comes across as a very likeabe, level-headed fellow, and I am liking his acting a lot. What I don’t like — or find unconvincing– is how fast he transitioned from being an unreasonable spoilt brat to a humble, eager-to-learn guy. Now THAT is just unbelievable. The fault lies not in direction or acting, but in the writing. I think the writer is inspired, but is probably a new cumer not so experienced…so did not figure out yet how to convincingly bring about transition in characters. At least there should have been something to justify the transition. I agree I find Mawra’s acting in Daasi extremely annoying, but she is a little bit better, and definitely quite likeable in Sabaat. Just nowhere near the convincingness of Kashaf (Sanam Saeed) in ZGH (after which this seems to be modelled, loosely). Mawra no matter how good an actress doesn’t always succeed in evoking sympathy or emotions from viewers…I wonder why. But her leader-ship type and studious and even friend-based aspects of her personality are quite convincing and quite enjoyable. It’s nice to see she is such a positive role model. I don’t mind Sara Khan and director’s focus on her beauty. I think it is natural and beleivable that someone that beautiful and privileged might have that kind of an attitude. I find her dialogue delivery a bit strange as if she is talking in form of air ….but I think she is doing a fine job. She is very involved in the role. Can’t fault the director for his love of cinematography, that is his forte. The only thing unconvincing is how fast Hassan’s character transformed…and even thinking of marriage. His “transformation” was most unbeleivable and I don’t think due to acting. Just too fast. Or if it WAS acting and direction then we didn’t see the shock and impact of those sentences on him so as to justify his transformation. The other thing I found annoying is the stereotype of the “gossip” student. A bit unrealistic though harmless, prby for entertainment. Anaya’s friends are nice. I found the whole thing abt locating the EXACT file in the admissions room in the previous episode damn unrealistic. But oh well. Not a bad watch. Gotta say tho others on Hum weekend are also good. Won’t dismiss the episode or drama altogether. Absolutely loved the Naani bit last time and also how she went away and impact on Miraal and so on. Good stuff. I am a fan of SK (director) so I do see lots of positive stuff in here too, despite the slightly annoying few things. Peace everyone! Stay healthy and well.

  • thank goodness the comments have gone back to the format that was on b4, the other one put me off reading the comments, which i enjoyed reading