Sabaat Episode 6 Story Review – Pretty Lame

I tuned in to Sabaat yet again this week hoping the story might take a turn for the better. On the contrary, this drama is getting lamer with every passing episode. I feel that the writer took some inspiration from Zindagi Gulzar Hei and Shehr-e-Zaat. Some of the scenarios in this episode were laughable and others left absolutely no impact. The repetition is getting to me already and any scene which adds something new to the story convincingly is a nice change. Unfortunately, there was only one such scene in tonight’s episode. Anaya and Hasan’s track is getting absurd with every passing episode. The screenplay lacks flow and the pace is slow. Sarah Khan revealed something about the story which explains why we are being shown this controlling and paranoid side of Miraal’s character. Even then, the character itself doesn’t have a single appealing factor.

Anaya and Hasan

I was hoping that we would get to see a mature side of Hasan since he was on a ‘mission’ but seems like the only mission Hasan is on right now is marrying Anaya! I have always had a difficult time relating to whatever Hasan is trying to prove but more than ever now this seems like yet another meaningless track in the story. As if Hasan’s stupidities were not enough, Anaya decided to jump on the bandwagon too by coming up with the most ridiculous plan to solve her friend’s problem. Watching an enlightened and sensible girl like her come up with such an illogical plan was highly disappointing. While it is good that Anaya is not being presented as the ‘perfect’ role-model but showing her doing something so foolish wasn’t the best thing to do either! Yet again, a lot of screen time was given to the planning and the execution. It was really frustrating watching how this development was covered, did the writer really think it would have any kind of an impact on the viewers?

This was supposed to be the ‘turning point’ in Anaya and Hasan’s track, the incident which helped Anaya understand how much Hasan loved her. I don’t remember the last time when I watched something so absurd in a serious drama! After all the ‘excessive bleeding’ Hasan walked out of the hospital with that grin on his face. The only thing on his mind was the proposal, Anaya’s attitude, on the other hand, made more sense. Both these characters, however, are still underdeveloped. The only likable element of Anaya’s track is the relationship she has with her parents. Her parents trust her so much and they expect her to be wise therefore it was especially disappointing watching her plan something which was definitely going to get her into trouble.

Sabaat Episode 6 Story Review - Pretty Lame

Hasan and Anaya’s romantic scenes are not working for me at all. I am having a really difficult time taking Hasan seriously and the dialogues are cheesy! Every single conversation Hasan had with all the characters he interacted with in this episode revolved around Anaya! These conversations were the same as every other week – his friend trying to talk him out of it and Miraal showing her disappointment because he no was no longer listening to her! For a change, Hasan and Miraal’s conversation was slightly emotional, thanks to naani’s ghost ;)

Miraal’s Fears

Thankfully there were some scenes tonight that highlighted Miraal’s growing fears. Reading naani’s diary she realized that relationships sometimes fade away with time. There was once again a reference to outer beauty which is something Miraal can relate to since she is shallow enough to take pride in her outer appearance. Miraal’s character is not etched out well and it does not have enough going for it. It seems to be inspired by Falak’s character from Shehr-e-Zaat. The only difference is that while Falak had direct conversations with her naani, Miraal is getting to learn from Naani’s experience by reading her diary. I also felt that Miraal perhaps feels guilty but she is not willing to admit it. She always treated her naani disrespectfully and even now she cannot face her. That is why she told her mother to take her photograph off of the wall. Naani is ‘haunting’ Miraal, an aspect I find funny as well! It would have been nice if naani and Miraal had some of these conversations when she was alive.

Sabaat Episode 6 Story Review - Pretty Lame

It was good to see Miraal’s mother putting her foot down for a change! Their conversation once again showed how much her father had contributed to turning their daughter into a selfish monster. I am still trying to figure out where Miraal and her fiancΓ©’s track is going. Why is someone like Miraal taking so much to make up her mind? Someone like her shouldn’t even think twice before ending her relationship with someone she does not like. Sarah Khan’s performance in tonight’s episode left a lot to be desired. She looked great but her dialogue delivery was not up to the mark.

Final Remarks

Mawra Hocane performed well tonight but her track is gradually losing its appeal. For me, Seemi Raheel was the most pleasant personality in this episode, the only character I could actually relate to! The supporting actors had a significant role to play tonight – Anaya’s friends, the doctor, and the blackmailer – all of them couldn’t act to save their lives! This drama is turning out to be another Aangan unfortunately. There is a great deal of focus on the visuals, the characters are unimpressive, to say the least, and the performances are most often shaky. Even after all these weeks, I have not been able to connect to any of the characters. The preview of the next episode promised more of the same – not looking forward to the ye shadi nahi ho sakti scenario!

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Sabaat Drama Cast

Fatima Awan

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  • Uff Allah meray dil ki baat aapney tou korray kaghaaz pey saaf likh dhaali hai. Hassan and Anaya track is pathetic both are matchless. Mawra looks good and she performed well. When drama started i had thought she will have gusty role to resonate like sherni per aahista aahista pyar aur shadi key chakkar wich she may become bheegi bili. I hope that doesn’t happen. Sarah khan looks so good, especially in last scene she was in pink outfits. Baqi her acting is one dimensional. We miss to see personality-driven and subtle dimensional character of her. Seemi Raheel is nath khatt so sweet to see her. Baqi shakeel wala scene tou too funny. Gun koun laata hai pehli mulaqat mein. I think writer has some in depth knowledge waisey likha kisney hai drama. Allah mujhey tou is baar yeh bhi nahin pata. Dekhey sirf aapkey review pey dekhna dhuru kiya. Baqi zabardast review sister. Sabaat is turning out to be batakti aatima.

    • Totally agree with you Waqar, good to have you back. I don’t mind ke Anaya shadi ke liye raazi ho gaye lekin jese raazi hui wo kuch ajeeb hi tha. Kashif Anwer hei writer.

      Thank you so much for liking the review. Aap ka comment prhne ka bhi maza aya mjhe.

  • Acha wese this drama n annaya hassan track is not tht much bad…its slow bt sweet..this is wht i found so far..anyways waiting for usman mukhtar entry…

  • Oh no…you didn’t like this episode? But I loved it…the Anaya-Hassan-Friends-Shakeel part. I mean who hasn’t been on foolish, not-thought-through adventures in uni days? It took me right back to some of the crazy things you’re willing to do for your gang days (no guns, though). So I get why Anaya and co. went on that silly escapade…what I don’t get is why go to so much trouble only to show that Anaya is finally ready to accept Hassan. A more typical, less harrowing route could also have been adopted, no? I mean both of them could have been shown to start working for the same company, or accidentally meet at their Uni while getting clearance etc. This headlong jump into the realm of foolish friends, blackmailing, gun-carrying thugs and the miraculously speedy recovery of gunshot wounds seemed a bit OTT. Anyways, the romantic in me liked that ‘larki maan gai’ but the realist thought: ‘itni jaldi?’ I loved Anaya’s mum’s camaraderie with her friends…it was lovely. I liked that Anaya’s not so perfect as to burp rainbows…that she could be stupid and thoughtless made her more real and likable to me.

    Okay now to the 2 people who’re acting like Hassan’s first and second wives respectively. What is up with Hassan’s friend and sister, why can’t they leave him be? I mean I get why Miraal is feeling insecure cuz of this sudden change in Hassan coupled with the death of Nani and her dissatisfaction over her engagement but the friend dude just needs to disappear or go dumb or get a hobby. They’re both obsessed with Hassan. Miraal’s behaviour is weird. I mean on one hand she doesn’t want Nani’s portrait hanging around cuz it gives her the shivers (me too…I mean when Nani suddenly materialises out of nowhere to smile that creepy smile of death…I just shriek and then…giggle nervously cuz there’s no way that that’s scary, right?) and on the other hand she spends her nights reading her memoirs (breach of confidentiality, I tell you) and hallucinating about Nani being in her room or on her chair. A strong chick like M should get a grip on her emotions and stop treating everyone around her like a doormat. Like you, I’m also glad that mummy got her voice back and stood her ground. Daddy is spoiling M bad…he needs to stop humouring her on everything. I agree about this epi being repetitive, especially the Farid fam scenes. And lastly, just who is dressing these girls…the eastern wardrobe’s lackluster but passable but the western outfits are just a huge NO.

    Fatima if you stop reviewing Sabaat will you start another drama? Dilruba just had a rollercoaster episode which I liked…so maybe Dilruba then?

    • that’s is exactly who i react, every time they show nani, i have a smile on my face because it’s silly to act like that but my heart is going so fast because nani’s scared me to death.

      i love Dil Ruba

    • I am glad you loved this episode even with all the shortcomings.

      I intend to review Sabaat till the end, people are reading the reviews and I want to know if it gets better or worse in the upcoming weeks.

      I am watching Dilruba, It is titlee and ishqiya all over again. Hate that Hania is being typecast, I like her so much. And I am so sick and tired of some of the scenarios being shown in the drama but yes a guilty pleasure for sure. It is however quite predictable. Her pictures will be leaked, Shahroz’s character will probably commit suicide but she won’t learn her lesson right till the end. Hania is adorable, love her in every role but she needs to do something different. I am definitely liking Kashf more so if I review any other drama, for now, it will be Kashf.

      • Agar aapkey review khatam sabaat key tou humhaara watching karna bhi comes to an end. Agar aapka review karna Kashf ka shuru tou humhaara watching karna bhi will start. Hum bus aapkey reviews pey yaqeen rakh kar dekhtey hein dramay. Sada khush rahey aur isi tarah reviews kartey rahey aap.

  • nani sitting on the chair was a very scary scene, i had it on the other tab & i went back esp to see what they were showing when the music was playing & i wish that i hadn’t, no wonder she got scared when she saw the photo hung up, i can’t believe that Miraal wore the love heart shirt, it doesn’t go with her character

    it was a lovely review so no need for me to say anything more.

  • You said it all Fatima. This drama is as lame as it gets. Superfluous character and immature writing. Hum invested their money in star cast and probably had none left to hire a decent writer. Shehzad kahsmiri should be more selective with the scripts he directs. Bang on review, I appreciate and like your honesty. Awam ki awaz.

    • I do not want to o blame the writer too much because new writers should be given a chance and surely he must have had some talent. Trouble is hum didn’t develop it properly..

    • Thank you so much Sadia. I appreciate your feedback. You are absolutely right, Shehzad Kashmiri definitely needs to choose wisely. LOL!! Thanks a lot.

  • Will have to agree with the reviewer. Can’t relate to Hassan’s transformation and his focus at all. And what he said about Sahara and etmad. Let me say this khaye nahi dhakke zindagi mein. It’s damn hard to get a job if your family is not connected. Apni hawa mein. Have d to relate. Meri izzat hai. Are you serious? I don’t get this. I also don’t feel their chemistry. Agree abt underdevelopment. Also sk direction this time is a bit….like some dialogues are pointless for the sake of putting “naturalness”. He did this in YKS too like dialogue between Hira mani and mother in law. Yeh rakh dun mama sahi hai and so on. These kind of things are distracting…overall I don’t see how the development happenerld.

    • Yes!! The dialogues suggest he is on a mission but all we see is Hasan taking the bus or the cab instead of his ‘dad’s’ car! He lives in his dad’s house, eats food he provides, got education with his money but cannot use his car like why??!!! I agree with you, there is an artificial feel to the whole drama.

  • Esa nhi lgta k bilkul hi fazool tha. Lekin or depth ho skti thi ajeeb khushk si feeling aati h. Lgta h jese in characters mn or layers honi chaiye theen. Hassan ka character to bilkul smjh nhi aa rha. Chemistry b utni nhi h. Is se laakh guna behtr ho skta tha. Kami si hai.

    Kher i am a hopeful person πŸ˜… aangan b issi aas pe dekh hi lia tha k may be thek ho jaye aagy ja k.

    Wese shakeel awan ki pitai sai ho gai… Oper se anaya b keh rhi thi or maro sb maaro.

    Hasan ajeeb Immature sa character h smjh nhi aa rhi mjy.
    Ab pata nhi dr. Haris-miraal ka track kesa hoga.

    • Aisa hi hei. Ji Anaya ne adventure ka pura maza lena tha na haha! That was such a stupid plan. Yakeen nahi ata kya kya dikha rahe hei aj kul dramu mei achi khasi prhi likhi samajdar larki ko cybercrime ke baray mei nahi pata jo easily report kr sakte ho aap! Ajeeb bachpana hei sb characters mei dekhte hei kb baray hote hei, hote bhi hei ke nahi LOL!

  • I saw the episode on YouTube in bits and pieces.

    I am just wondering that is not Anaya also spending her father’s earning? Did she get the car from her own income in which she was riding with Hasan?

    Has Hasan managed to get a good job and proved himself so that he can afford a family of his own?

    I am puzzled. Are we going to see the rest of the drama just to see how lame a story can be?

  • gr8 review fatima, its strange that for this drama my views have been totally different, Im loving this drama, even tho i was not even going to watch this drama, started watching it just bcoz of ur reviews. the friend of hasan is annoying , other than that im liking everything , special hasan-anaya track, maybe bcoz i like such love stories. i just hope that if they get married, it doesnt turn into saas bahu drama, dont want unnecessary misunderstanding and all that.

  • Nevertheless, I wont say its not nice or not worth watching…i find it btter than muqqadar etc…just that sometimes realism is not high

  • If any of the Hocane/Hussein sisters are in a drama, I make a point not to watch it. They are the worst of the industry.