Saboor Aly In Farah’s Morning Show

Farah Sadia is a morning show host for years now. To be accurate, Farah is the most decent morning show host and her content is always better than her contemporaries. She has done shows on many topics and also invites celebrities who are loved by everyone so people can see their favourite stars and know more about them. Saboor Aly was the guest at her show. Saboor has done a lot of dramas in her career. She also has made a pace for herself in the industry and her style transformation has also been great.

The actress came to the show while wearing a beautiful mauve Jora. Her makeup was light and natural and her hair was down in natural waves. Farah also looked like a vision in a bottle green ensemble. They discussed a lot of stuff and also talked about Saboor’s mother who left this mortal world due to her fight with cancer. Here are some pictures from the show:

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