Saboor Aly’s Energetic Presence in Gul o Gulzar is Attracting Audiences from All Corners

Saboor Aly has got acting skills beyond measure, she’s a gorgeous sight to see, and she is nailing Gul’s character, making waves all over. Her new drama serial Gul-o-Gulzar, featuring Saboor Aly and Kinza Hashmi in the lead roles, has recently started airing on ARY Digital and people have already shown immense love for it.

The storyline of the drama revolves around the friendship between two college friends. Kinza Hashmi plays the character of ‘Gulzar’, a hard-working and innocent girl with integral values. Whereas, Saboor Aly plays the role of ‘Gul’, who is a carefree and clever girl, with a dominant negative side to her personality. The key concept of the drama is to portray the existence of contrasting personalities and their effect on relationships and mindsets. In only three episodes, Saboor Aly has successfully made sure that her viewers can envision the character complexities of Gul, instead of seeing Saboor, the actress.

The actress took to Instagram to post about her drama’s success! Her catty expressions, the spiteful eye-rolls, and the lies she tells with full confidence give a clear picture of Saboor’s abilities on portraying a negative role. She has played wicked roles a number of times before as well and people have always appreciated her acting skills. It seems to have become her forte and it is one of the reasons why this drama has gained a high ranking. Viewers appreciate what deserves to be recognized, and they criticize what needs to be improved; in the case of Saboor Aly projects, she has been always blessed with positive critics, which is a rare sight to see in the entertainment industry. It has been observed how Saboor carefully selects her projects and once she becomes a part of it, she proves her mettle. Being an energetic part of the industry now, who knows, we may be seeing her on big screen soon too! What are your comments on Saboor’s recent drama? Let us know in the comments section; we look forward to your thoughts!

Saboor Aly Gul o Gulzar 1


saboor Aly Gul o Gulzar 1

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