Sadqay Tumhare – Episode 11

“Jahan dalil khatam hoti hai wahan se mohabbat shru hoti hai us ki.” The highlight of this episode for me was Maqsood’s concern for Khalil and Shano and the way he put Khalil’s feelings for Shano into words. Khalil-ur-Rehman nailed it yet again with those beautiful and to the point dialogues. Maqsood’s character is one of those very few supporting characters that truly leave their mark. He is positive, wise but definitely not holier-than-thou. His practical approach coupled with his relationship with Khalil makes him a very important and likeable character in the play. Khalil and Shano think that they can live their lives loving each other without getting married but Mansoor knows that Shano’s parents will definitely get her married at some point therefore the only solution is a court marriage. Abdur Rehman’s reaction came as a pleasant surprise as well, he is a good natured man but he is anything but a coward. Khalil may not be his son but he loves him like his own. The difference in the approach of Shano’s parents and in the way Khalil’s parents look at things is worlds apart. On the one hand Shano’s mother is bent on using her daughter to take revenge from her sister and ex-fiancé, she does not think that her daughter’s feeling even count in the matter but on the other hand Khalil’s mother wants to see her son happy. It feels good to see a normal family on television who have an ugly past but a very positive present. All the members in Khalil’s family look out for each other’s happiness whereas in Shano’s house it is the children versus the mother mainly because of Shano’s mother intimidating personality. Rasheeda is clearly insecure and she derives pleasure out of controlling people even if these people are her own children.


I absolutely love the faith that Shano has in Khalil ” vo baghaye ga hi nahi…bus mohabbat hai us ki nazar mei khot nahi” …. she has not known Khalil for long but she knows that he will never do anything that will effect her in a negative way. Khalil’s reaction to Bakhtiar’s “proposal” showed that he cannot think of doing something like that. The love that Shano and Khalil have for each other is something that they feel they are entitled to because it is beyond their control. They have a spiritual bond which does not allow them to think with their mind but they think with their hearts only! Shano loved Khalil even before she met him because she always believed that he was her soul-mate.

Khalil’s conversation with the Maulvi sahab was very sweet. The way he paid heed to Maulvi sahab’s advice went to show that Khalil is willing to do anything to have Shano in his life. Khalil’s confession about the frequency with which he prayed was honest and cute. Khalil is not perfect in any way but what makes him perfect for Shano is his love for her. He respects her more than he loves her, that is something that is being repeated in the drama over and over again and I have a feeling that there is a reason why we repeatedly get to hear dialogues and are shown scenes which show just how much Khalil respects Shano.


I felt like there was no need to show Shano singing a whole song but then I must also confess that I really liked the lyrics of the song in particular and it was beautifully shot. The song also points to the pakeeza mohabbat that these two people have for each other. I wonder if the second song which Shano sang for her friend was sung by the same person too because it did not really go with Shano’s personality or her voice. Shano’s conversation with her mother was heart-touching, she obviously wants her mother to be her friend…is that too much to ask for? And although she always smiles when her mother mocks her but it does hurt her.

The preview of the next episode suggested that someone new will enter Shano’s life. Since Shano’s Taya has already refused to marry his son with Shano, this new guy may be the one who will stir things up in Shano and Khalil’s life. Khalil will be visiting Shano again in the next episode, this is the same person who used to say Maqsood was a pakki gaun ki sawari and he would never go there!

Apart from the loveable characters, what I like the most about this play is that Sadqay Tumhare does not bank on thrilling twists and turns to keep the viewers engaged. It is a sweet love story which is being told one chapter at a time. Watching every episode is like reading few pages of a beautifully written novel; it is tranquil yet engaging. I would give full marks to the entire team for giving us something different, sweet and unhurried to watch on Friday nights. A big thank you to whoever is responsible for the casting for breaking the stereotypes and experimenting with the cast; our hero is a newcomer but he is a charmer, our heroine could not have been better and the supporting cast is flawless.

Am I the only one who really missed Amin tonight? Do share your thoughts:)

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan

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