Sahir Lodhi’s Kids’ Dance Competition Strongly Criticised !!

The whole nation and especially parents everywhere are shaking in light of the recent events. There has been a mass of kids’ rapes and murders taking place in all parts of country but they have been highlighted glaringly after an innocent seven year old Zainab fell prey to the worst form of cruelty while her parents had entrusted her in relatives’ care as they had gone to perform Umrah.


There are calls now on digital, social and print media for reforms and measures to be taken everywhere in the society to stop this kind of atrocity ever happening again. While emotions are still raw and hearts till beating faster over what Zainab had to endure, a segment from Sahir Lodhi’s TV program “Ap Ka Sahir” went viral where young girls are wearing inappropriate clothing and dancing to songs with unsuitable lyrics. It is some kind of a dance competition between youngsters and most of them are under twelve years of age.


معصوم زینب کیسے قتل ہوئی..؟؟ اس ویڈیو میں زینب کا قاتل ڈھونڈ لیں ۔۔

Публикувахте от Pakistan Media Leaks в Неделя, 14 януари 2018 г.

Once it went viral, people got extremely disturbed at Sahir Lodhi for doing such programs and the girls’ parents for letting their under aged kids do all these kinds of moves in front of so many strangers and the cameras. The songs are mostly Bollywood numbers and the little ones are dressed like their heroines.

A Twitter user did a voice over discussing how could parents let this happen, when they are aware of the dangers of sexualising young kids.


Even though Sahir Lodhi spoke against Zainab’s rape and murder quite openly, he has come under hot waters after these videos became public. One thing is for certian, though, that this problem of child sexual abuse needs a multifaceted approach for resolution, with each and every member for the society contributing at their own level.