Saima Azhar’s Dance with Her Maid in Sanam Jung’s Morning Show

God has created us all equal. We tend to forget this and treat those who aren’t economically at par with us with less dignity and respect than those who are. We should remember that how fortunate we are if we have a good financial standing and should try to treat those who work for us, whom we pay for their work,  well. Sanam Jung, in her morning show, invited a few actresses on her show with their maids. Among the guests was Saima Azhar and her maid. These actresses along with their maids were asked to perform different tasks. All in all, it was a different concept brought up by Jago Pakistan Jago. However, the highlight of the show became Saima Azhar’s dance alongside her maid. The pair did so well that it was hard to believe that they were doing it for the first time. Watch the video below and tell us what you think about that dance !


Arsala Khalid