Sajal Aly’s Picture Sparks Controversy On Social Media

Sjal Aly has managed to stay in limelight, sometimes due to her innocent looks and other times due to her alleged relationship with Feroze Khan. Recently, she was partying with her friends in Karachi and it turned out to be another complete case of social media controversy. Though, this time the reason has us all mind-boggled.

sajal aly

So, you see this picture of Sajal Aly? This is what erupted the fire. As soon as the picture was posted by a local magazine, people started claiming that the actress was “high” or was “drunk”. On the other hand, some sane people managed to convey the fact that it might have been a lightening effect or just her eyes parted.

Nonetheless, here are the popular social media reactions:

sajal aly comments 2

sajal aly comments 3

sajal aly comments 4

sajal aly comments 5

sajal aly comments 6

sajal aly comments 7

sajal aly comments

sajal aly commetns

Well, this is what people had to say. What is your opinion of the picture? Does she look drunk to you or not?

Kainaat Maqbool