Samina Peerzada ready for Bhaarat Yaatra

Airing of Pakistani dramas on Indian channel has introduced some Pakistani artists to Indian viewers. One name that outshines others is the versatile artist Samina Peerzada. Samina played the role of mother of Kashaf in Zindagi Gulzar Hai and is now playing the role of a catholic maid in Noorpur ki Raani both on Zindagi Channel.

Talking to paper Gulf News of Middle East, Samina informed about her views regarding India and plans to visit India in August.

Samina told she is a fan of Madhubala since childhood and likes dances of Madhuri Dixit. She still watches Indian film and in current age Parineeta and Barfi are splendid films whereas comedy show Comedy Nights With Kapil is her favorite TV show. Watching Kapil show releives from the stress of hectic routine.

Samina will visit India for a short trip in August where will meet madhuri dixit and kapil sharma.

On airing of Pakistani dramas, Samina feels excited. She thinks its a positive initiatve that Pakistani voices are reaching Indian audience. For quite a while Indian audience was interested in watching contemporary Pakistani drama. Through dramas they can observe the feelings, emotions and living of Pakistanis.

Adding further, Samina said, through Pakistani shows Indians will realize there are many similarities among both countries. Through Art, Culture, Music and Dance people of both countries can know about each other.

Samina admits that airing of Pakistani dramas will bring people of both countries closer. It will start a new era for talent and artists to learn from eah other.

Samina is hopeful on chances of co-production of films with India. She said, a new era of Pakistani cinema has started and co-production with India is a feasible option. She insisted on promotion of a conducive environment where films from both countries exchanged without hurdles. To strengthen her argument Samina putforth the example of Bol and Khuda Ke Liye which were appreciated in India as well as Pakistan thus proving Pakistan film can do well at Indian box office as well.

India is not a stranger land for Samina, in frequent visits in past she has many friends in India in cities of Kolkata and Delhi.

Rashid Nazir Ali

Rashid Nazir Ali