Sammi Episode 16 Review – Significant Developments

I love the pace of this drama and also the fact that the writer has a very strong grip on the story and the director has done everything he could to make it as realistic as possible. I have said this before but every time I watch a new episode of Sammi, I feel the need to say it again, I truly appreciate the fact that the writer and director both have done complete justice to all the tracks of the story which is why all of them are equally interesting. None of the characters or tracks is ever relegated to the background. The fact that all these tracks are interlinked also makes the whole scenario more interesting.

The change in Rashid’s character and Naheed’s conversation with Salima had to be my favorite part of this episode. Rashid has finally had enough and he has decided to change his priorities in life. He is no longer comfortable playing Chaudhry’s “kutta” and he understands that his daughters deserve better. He couldn’t do anything to save Sammi but he wants to do whatever he can to make his daughter’s lives better. I had no trouble connecting to the change in Rashid’s character because he was always shown as someone who did not really belong in this system but was only trying really hard to be a part of it because he believed he did not have a lot of options. He has now decided to make some choices himself and for a change his mother is supporting him. Maryam’s reaction to her father’s changed behaviour was right on point. The actress playing Maryam’s role is brilliant, she manages to make a big impact even if she has very little screen time.

I simply loved the entire situation which finally led to Naheed disclosing her secret to Salima. She could see why Salima was willing to put her life at stake in order to have Rashid’s son. It was wonderful watching these two weak women having this moment together in which one of them decided to help the other even though she herself is going through hell and the other one also poured her heart out to her because she had no one to talk to. Naheed’s character has been one of my favorite characters in the play; her situation is anything but ideal but even then she always finds ways to help others. Although her character is very different from that of Salima but both these women are equally vulnerable. Even with all the awareness, the education and even the strength Naheed is just as helpless as Salima. Nadia Afghan and Saman Ansari both are remarkable actresses; both of them have always altered their outlook and their acting style to suit the needs of the characters they are translating on screen.

Sammi’s track also took a really interesting turn in this episode and I am glad that Chandni is back in the picture. I can’t appreciate Noor-ul-Huda Shah enough for thinking everything through so well; when Salar sent Aalyan that recording the viewers were pretty sure this development will have a bigger impact on the story at some point but no one could tell it would one day help Sammi in this way. I couldn’t understand why Sammi was shown wearing all this make-up though. Sammi’s mother’s apology showed that she was “sorry” but not sorry enough! She also justified her actions while she apologized and accepted the fact that she couldn’t sacrifice her son to save Sammi. There was a time when Sammi thought there was hope, she was in denial and could not accept the fact that her family had forsaken her but everything she said to her mother tonight clearly showed that she did not expect anything from her family now. Aalyan finally managed to knock some sense into the chota chauhdry and it was great watching him do something right for a change. I can’t praise Bilal Khan and the child actor playing chota chaudhry enough for doing complete justice to their respective characters.

Am I the only one who really missed chaudhrani in this episode? I have a feeling that ultimately she will also help Sammi in some way. I can totally see all these characters rebelling against the chaudhry very soon. I can’t wait to see how the story unfolds in the upcoming episodes.

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Fatima Awan

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