Sammi Episode 17 Review – Remarkable!

“Dekh meri beti ne mujhe khoobsurat bana diya, mere sare daagh chupa diye us ne…yeh hoti hei betiyan!”

This was another powerful episode of Sammi with tons of substance. This drama has so many amazing messages and they couldn’t have been put forward in a more apt manner. I simply love the realistic portrayals which show the amount of effort all these actors and the director put in to make sure that the viewers have no trouble connecting to all of these characters which are beautifully etched-out. Every character in this play is meaningful in some way or the other and represents a certain mindset. I must say that although most of the tracks in the story are linked with Sammi in some way and right now many of these oppressed people are joining hands to free Sammi but I see Sammi as more of a symbol of Chaudhry’s Nawaz’s tyranny more than anything else. The character itself has been the most passive character in the drama and Mawra Hocane is the only actor in the drama who looks like a complete misfit right from day one. All the other actors look and act the role whether it is Adnan Siddiqui, Saman Ansari, Seemi Raheel, Bilal Khan, Rehan Sheikh, Haris Waheed, Nadia Afghan and even the chota chaudhry, their accents and looks are totally in line with the characters they are playing. Mawra Hocane’s short shirts, patiala shalwars, neatly tied hair, make-up and styling which is fairly decent makes it very difficult for me to connect to her character. Thankfully, all the other actors made sure that they put their performance above everything else therefore the drama as a whole is turning out to be very intense.

This episode started with Rashid taking a stand in front of Chaudhry Nawaz, not for his sake but for the sake of his daughters. Salima was there to support him and for a few hours only they thought they could live a happier life without Chaudhry’s ghulami. It was only after Chaudhry burned down their house that they were left begging him to take them back. Rashid’s dialogues when he begged the Chaudhry to let him stay in his haveli were heart-wrenching; this man has no idea that there is a whole world outside this village where he can start a new life! Chaudhry’s mindset has always been shown faultlessly; his dialogues and actions both help the viewers understand his character. Adnan Siddiqui and Rehan Sheikh were beyond brilliant in this episode. Their dialogues and the scenarios were powerful and their performances breathed life into all these situations.

The change in Shahzaib’s attitude was the best part of this episode. The chemistry between Bilal Khan and the child actor playing the role of Shahzaib has definitely elevated the overall effect this particular track has on the viewers. The dialogue “Itne pyare insan ko insan banane mei zarur kamyabi ho gi … aik bara insan.” was one of my most favorite dialogue from tonight’s episode and this scene was so touching. Shahzaib was finally questioning his father for a change instead of accepting everything he saw and adopting it as well. Aalyan is a mentor for him now who he looks up to more than anyone else around him.

Chaudhrani turned to Aalyan for help only after she saw the change in her son. Right from the beginning she has been shown as someone who does not believe in playing the victim even when the odds are against her and once again she was seen doing something tangible to change the way things were. Chaudhrani’s character has also evolved in the past few episodes, there was a time when she was only looking out for her own self but now she is also one of those people who want to do something to change the system. Although there are many times when there isn’t much she can do to change a situation but she always questions Chaudhry and does whatever she can.

Chandni finally arrived in Rahim Yar Khan after all these years and her body language and expressions showed that she was a completely different person now – someone who had lost everything but had found a new purpose in life, something that would make her feel less guilty.

I am completely in awe of this drama and truly appreciate the hard work the entire team of Sammi put in to give us this amazing play which has so much to offer. Every episode of Sammi is intense, detailed and satisfying! It is one of those very few dramas which covers so many different issues but does so with precision.

How many of you watched this episode. Do share your thoughts about it.

Fatima Awan

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