Sammi Episode 18 Review – Going Strong

When this serial started most of us were under the impression that this drama is going to be about the custom of vanni alone and it will explore this practice by showing the leading character live her life as a vanni. I am glad that Sammi is about much more than that. Every episode has something new to offer and the character development in the drama has been great throughout.

I love the way the writer highlighted Waqas’ frame of mind in this episode, he was a loving brother who turned into a monster who was out to prove that he was gherat mand mainly due to the pressure of his father and peers. When Chaudhry Rab Nawaz asked him to kill someone for him Waqas said that he did not want to be a murderer. Later on when his father asked him to do what Chaudhry wanted him to do and kill Sammi as well, he once again reflect upon the way his life once ways and the turn his life took after the incident on Sammi’s wedding. Although, Pervaiz’s death was an accident but Waqas got scared and he was willing to do anything it took to stay out of jail so that he could save his own life. Waqas has been shown as someone who is easily influenced but now for a change he is questioning everything he did and no longer wants to be a part of all this. Haris Waheed and Irfan Khoosat were phenomenal in tonight’s episode. Haris Waheed’s outlook and performance both are beyond brilliant. Irfan Khoosat’s portrayal of a father who is the perfect example of an ignorant man was brilliant. The conversation between Waqas and his father was actually extremely disturbing. Watching a father pressurizing his son to kill his only daughter was very upsetting and my heart went out to all such women who have to live under such circumstances.

My second favorite conversation/scene of tonight’s episode was the one which covered Naheed’s state of mind and the way her sister in law tried to make her feel guilty for doing something which was completely legal. I absolutely love Naheed’s confidence, although she does not have a lot of resources but she is a strong woman who makes the most of her circumstances. Hearing Naheed admit that she married Ghulam Rasool so that she could have a child was shocking but it once again showed how different this woman was from all the other women around her. The dialogues about haram and halal were right on point! I am waiting for the time when Ghulam Rasool will finally be back because I have a feeling that Naheed will get her happy ending at some point. Once again Nadia Afghan translated her character faultlessly on screen.

Chaudhry Nawaz wants both Waqas and Rashid out of his way so that he can marry Sammi. If Waqas kills Rashid, he would want Chaudhry Nawaz to fulfill his end of the bargain, Chaudhry does not want to do that which is why he wants Waqas dead too. Chaudhrani’s role in the entire scenario is also very interesting. Madiha Rizvi and Rehan Sheikh both own their roles completely. I did not really like the way Aalyan looked at Sammi today and once again Mawra Hocane was a complete disappointment. She did not do justice to those beautiful and touching dialogues and made it very difficult for me to connect to her character. However, I cannot appreciate the writer enough for asserting the fact that the consent of a woman at the time of nikkah is more important than anything else once again in this episode.

Chandni made her way into the haveli by the end of the episode and I can’t wait to find out what her plan is. Like every other episode of Sammi, this one too had some strong messages and the story moved forward considerably. This time around I really missed Shahzaib and even Rashid’s mother. All the characters add something special to the story and have a presence of their own therefore even if one of them is missing, they are truly missed!! The director and the writer deserve tons of credit for paying attention to minute details and for giving all the tracks adequate screen time in every episode. It isn’t easy handling a story with so many different tracks and it is even more difficult to make every track in the story count!

The preview of the next episode suggested that Salima is going to have another girl and Rashid and Chandni will finally be face to face! Looking forward to how the story unfolds from here on.

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