Sana Bucha’s Views on Ayesha Gulalai Issue

Since the last week, the political atmosphere in our country has suddenly become very tense. A lot of allegations and accusations were thrown here and there on different issues. One of such is the Ayesha Gulalai issue. According to Miss Gulalai, the chairman of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaan used to messaged her inappropriate messages. PTI obviously denied it. But all of this just started a new fight between the social media warriors of both the parties. Many celebrities who don’t shy away from sharing their political views joined the war too. One of such is Sana Bucha. Faisal Qureshi asked what she thought of the consequences that came out of the whole case in the world of social media- passing inappropriate comments about Ayesha and her sister and Sana had the best answer for the question:


Arsala Khalid