Sana Javed Sister Hina Javed – 20 Beautiful Pictures

Sana Javed Sister Hina Javed is a new face in Pakistan Media Industry. Hina Javed is sister of one of the gorgeous Sana Javed. Hina Javed is currently starring in the blockbuster drama serial of the season Meray Pass Tum Ho. She is playing the character of Wattira who is sister of Haniya (Hira Mani).  Hina Javed as Wattira has impressed the viewers with her brilliant acting and absolute beauty. Few days ago the news broke the internet the Hina is sister of Sana Javed and made everyone realize that talent and beauty runs in the blood of these siblings. Whether its beauty or acting skills Sana Javed is setting high standards for everyone. We believe the Hina Javed will follow her Sister Sana Javed in her footsteps. Hopes are high from Hina Javed although she has already proven herself a brilliant actress from her performance in Meray Pass Tum ho.

Let’s have a look at some latest clicks of Hina Javed

The resemblance among Sana Javed and Hina Javed is unassailable.


hina javed 0

hina javed 1

hina javed 2

hina javed 5

hina javed 6

Sana Javed is epitome of beauty and talent, so is her sister Hina Javed in short it is in genes of the Javeds.

hina javed 7

hina javed 8

hina javed 9

hina javed 10

hina javed 11

hina javed 12

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Hina Javed is all set to build a solid position for herself in industry. And our best wishes are with her. Share your thoughts about these beautiful clicks of Hina Javed in comments section!

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  • my mom when she saw her told me that hina resembles sana javed alot. She thought they are sisters and i said no they are not 🤣

  • Why do people keep saying that Wateera is Hania’s sister. If she was, would she also not talk about Abba? She is Hania’s FRIEND. (At least that’s what I think. When have they said she is her sister? WOuld’t they have the same parents then??? How come ONLY Hania went to see her father. How can people get such a small but important thing wrong? I have seen many people say this in the reviews as well. As for Hina Javed, she looks like younger and prettier version of Anita Raj. NEver thought she was sana’s sister.Though Hina is a fine actress herself and nice to listen to. And why is this a break or new actress. I have definitely seen her act many times before. I can’t remember whih dramas she was in, but I have def seen her before…was she in a drama with Maya Ali…or was she in Alif Allah..or in Zid? I can’t remember but I have seen her performing finely in dramas before.

  • Hina javed has appeared in many old dramas like Kahi un kahi HUM tv and Jia nhi jayee HUM n many more cnt remember the name of

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