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Ohkay so, things went bad for Harib in this episode but at least he had a support of Shabnam & Aan & I mean during such a rough patch in his life, what else could he ask for when Shabnam was going out of the way to cook Alu Gosht for him. I like the fact that as the episodes are passing by, we’re getting to know the dishes that make Harib’s heart skip a beat; first Anda Paratha Roll & now Alu Gosht, but I will give credit to Shabnam for being so kindhearted to be taking care of a stranger’s taste buds so well!

Just when Aila decided to come back, she spotted Aan & Harib together that too in Harib’s home & that’s when her fears were confirmed that Harib was cheating on her. I know Aila is being a nightmare for Harib & they have used all the episodes so far to establish the fact that Aila is the ‘worst’ biwi that has ever walked on the face of the Earth but somehow, I don’t see her in that light & the reason behind me not feeling that about Aila is the ‘declaration’ of her character being bipolar. I am sure if they had kept the fancy word like ‘bipolar’ aside & had then worked on showing Harib as mazloom & Aila as zalim, I would’ve been the first one hating Aila’s character completely & mentioning it again & again that she is a #psycho #jahil #aurat, but when they hinted on the fact that she has some psychological issues & she can’t really control herself, then they themselves gave Aila’s attitude a complete justification & a perfect excuse to her for her weird behavior. This is exactly why I don’t see Aila as a culprit because she herself is a victim. Now when I see how the writer & the director are leaving no stone unturned in making Aila look like the ultimate villain, I feel disgusted because they are trying to stir some sympathy for Harib, whereas their approach should’ve been entirely different in tackling Aila’s character. When I see Aila reacting at such an extreme level, in stead of hating her, I feel bad for her because she is dealing with a disorder that hinders her from behaving normally & this is what the writer & the director should’ve tried to achieve too. You can’t have it both ways where first you say someone is bipolar & then you make them look completely abnormal & negative. I am sure if they had worked with either one of the aspects, things wouldn’t have been so confusing & I am sure the viewers then must’ve sympathized with Harib to such a level that they themselves would’ve presented him a ‘Biryani ki Daig’ along with Anda Paratha Roll & Alu Gosht ka Salan!

Aila left & called Shehroz & Shehroz went out of the way to inform Harib so that at least he could talk things out but what’s amusing is that Harib was too focused on looking like a bechara that he completely missed the oddness in Shehroz’s behavior. Even when Harib was around, Shehroz was just being too candid with Aila & he wasn’t doing anything to curb their differences but Harib didn’t notice anything at all? Well, Aan & Shabnam came to Harib’s rescue & they couldn’t stop sympathizing with him, but that’s given when the guy tells you his side of the story & completely forgets to tell you that his wife is not a buri biwi, but she is just a victim of a psychological disorder. The way Shabnam discussed how Aila should’ve taken care of her ‘household’ & her ‘husband’, it was so obvious that the writer was trying hard to imply that Aila was the culprit & she should not be sympathized with because she couldn’t take care of her husband & his home, including his breakfast, lunch & dinner! Anyways, Aan tried to calm Harib down & then Shabnam took the matters in her hand & she decided that she will go to Aila herself & request her to come back which was quite sweet but what happened later shook her badly. Aila misbehaved with Shabnam & Harib to such an extent that she ended up threatening him with a divorce after placing a slap on his cheek.
*smiling sheepishly*

Since Harib is known for depending on outsiders to solve his marital issues, then I am not sure what is stopping him from speaking to Aila’s mother directly? Harib has involved Shehroz, he has also involved Aan & Shabnam, so I am sure it wouldn’t have hurt him if he had decided to rely on 1 more person, who by the way is far more closer to Aila & knows her better than the rest I believe. Well, honestly speaking, I hate the way the writer has sprinkled all the negative traits in Aila’s character like she is irresponsible, she is negative, she is disrespectful, she doubts her husband, she is ill-mannered, she doesn’t know how to talk to her elders, she flirts with her husband’s friend, she beats her husband up & most importantly she doesn’t know how to cook, like is there anything else left? I am sure if there was an award for the worst person that has walked on the face of the Earth, then Aila would’ve been an undisputed winner & in her winning speech she would’ve given the entire credit to Mona Haseeb, since she was a little too meherbaan on Aila!

Things are going to get uglier in the episodes to come & I am sure Harib & Aila will part ways because Aila is not ready to budge & sadly, Harib forgot to take her to the psychiatrist. I am not sure why the psychiatrist was hired for 2 scenes where he miraculously diagnosed Aila’s condition & left, whereas he should’ve been an important character in this drama because he would’ve helped Aila in dealing with her issues & snapping out of it to some extent but oh well, itna time kiss writer aur director ke pass hai, hai na? Well, I must say, Hareem Farooq totally nailed her performance in this episode, she was totally convincing as Aila, someone who herself had no idea why she was behaving a certain way but was so angry to be bothered about her attitude. Maya Ali as Aan did a fairly decent job but the one who stole the show once again was Hina Bayat. I love how much warmth she had added in her character like every time you see her, she depicts the word ‘Ammi’ so beautifully by being a woman who deals with so many pressures single-handedly with a smile on her face, selflessly goes out of the way to make things right & then takes pride in feeding her children, like if there’s one character that has been written perfectly, it is the character of Shabnam & Hina Bayat made it a little more perfect with her convincing acting. I really like the bond Aan & Shabnam share, it is actually quite fun to see Shabnam embarrassing Aan & then Aan leaving no opportunity of giving back to her. The dialogue ‘aa gain na puranay mohallay ki zuban pe’ was hilarious & then what made it even better was Shabnam’s response, lol! That particular expression where Aan was amused at her mother still she was trying to keep a straight face because she was tensed for Harib was done so well by Maya Ali. Anyways, let’s see what do they have in store for us next week. Please share your thoughts about this bechargi-filled episode of Sanam.

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