Sanam Episode 06 Review – Teri Kasam Anday Parathay Ki Buuu!

ZZZZzzzzzZzzzz….Oh! Sorry, I just woke up because this episode of Sanam served as a lullaby & put me to sleep. Ohkay so, shuru karain? LOL! Even though I knew that this drama didn’t have much to offer but I never knew that it wouldn’t even have some sense & logic to offer too. After watching this episode, I was reminded of Sallahudin’s mother’s comment; ‘in logon ka koi deen emaan hai bhi ya nahi’?

The moment Shehroz realized that his frankness with Aila was going to cost him his job, he returned to his senses & immediately forced himself to see Aila as his Bhabhi. All of a sudden Shehroz realized that he couldn’t deceive his langoti yaar because of sir-phiri Aila. Honestly speaking, I will thank Shehroz for making me laugh at his chicken-ness which made him realize that he was nothing without the financial support of Harib. The entire time Shehroz was pledging his loyalty to Harib by calling Aila his Bhabhi repeatedly, I was recalling all those times when he flirted with Aila shamelessly & all those satyrical glances he gave at her which clearly indicated his evil intentions. I must say, the writer really has left a lot on the viewer’s imagination, where she expects the viewers to understand these characters without doing any work on her part & without even establishing their characters properly. In the initial episodes, we were clearly told that Shehroz was anything but a loyal friend but now the bromance between Harib & Shehroz was being pushed to the limit to show that Harib meant everything to Shehroz.

I have a business plan for Shabnam & Aan & I am sure they will make big bucks if they will follow my advice. Shabnam should open a catering business & Aan can become a food deliverer & while she is at it, she can charge a few extra bucks for fetching couriers, letters & newspapers for her clients too. Since Aan is taking her Nashta delivery job so seriously while being a Daakiya too, I am sure Allah will put a lot of Barkat in this business seeing Shabnam & Aan’s sincerity & devotion in feeding people. Just when I was about to doze off, Harib made me laugh out loud at his ‘bohat bhook lag rahi thi’, like seriously, in the very first episode when Harib made brekkie for Aila, we learned the fact that Harib is a decent cook, so why has he forgotten the art of culinary ever since Shabnam & Aan have become meherbaan at him?

All this while, I was blaming Mona Haseeb for not doing justice to Aila’s psychological issues by completely forgetting about them, but she proved me wrong by ‘slightly’ hinting about the medication & psychiatric sessions that Aila needs, haha, like they waste so many episodes on bickering & bechargi but when it comes to something meaningful, they literally cover it in a dilogue or two. What a great way of dealing with an issue when you show nothing about it, do not give it a proper coverage & just when things are about to fall apart & just to prove how bighearted bechara Harib is, you make him say ke Aila Jaan, apni dawai yaad se khana aur pagal khanay bhi yaad se chali jana. This dialogue showed that this drama did include the fact that Aila has some psychological issues, so in stead of turning this story into a marital war & in stead of keeping the pace so fast, why didn’t they give a proper coverage to bipolar disorder by showing that Harib himself took Aila to the shrink & focused on understanding her behavior & issues himself too? Like they could’ve taken some time in developing misunderstandings between them but they just fast forwarded everything. It seems like such a wasted opportunity & also the entire bipolar thingy seems like an after thought because the director was in a hurry to throw Aila out of Harib’s life so that Harib could enjoy Anda Parathas without any mental pressure.

Aan learned the truth that Aila was seeking divorce from Harib & she blamed herself for it which was a right thinking on her part but then she put a lid on it quite easily & announced that both Aan & Shabnam should take care of Harib, meaning they should make him some more Andas Parathas, like seriously? I never knew that such a ‘seedhi saadhi’ Aan who has such a bright future ahead of her will entangle herself in the worry of her parosi’s parathas, lol. Like just imagine, from now on, Aan’s entire routine will be revolving around Harib’s nashta, where she will make sure to sleep early, so that she can wake up before the sunrise, iron her clothes, straighten her hair, clip in some weirdly textured extensions, put some makeup on to show up at his doorstep on time with a tray of weird smelling Anda Paratha & god forbid if Harib will spill the oil or yolk on himself, she will do his laundry too. In the initial episodes, they showed that Aan barely had time & she was always running late for office, so much so that Shabnam had to run behind her holding a brekkie tray, but seems like Aan has started waking up before Tahajjud so that she can spend enough time with Harib without even worrying about getting late from her office. I must say, even though I love Shabnam’s character & even though she was quite liberal, I still find it odd that she is allowing Aan to spend time with Harib, that too when he is going through a rough patch in his life, it’s like she herself is hoping for Harib & Aan to cook something together, haha!!! Bhai Harib munnay ko nashta karana hai to apne ghar pe karwao na apni nazron ke samne, ye Aan ko akele bhejne ki kya tukk hai? I feel this way because we know that Shabnam was looking for a decent proposal for Aan but now she seems a little too relaxed & laid back? Kyun jee!?!?!

I must say Aan was introduced as a very wise character but even she forced me to remember the infamous dialogue of Sallahuddin’s mother because at one hand she was crying buckets blaming herself for the divorce & on the other she was visiting Harib’s place as if it was her own home. Why didn’t Aan think for a second that may be Aila decided to come back so she shouldn’t just barge into Harib’s home so casually? Harib to choro abb to Shehroz ko bhi Anday Parathay ki adat dalay lagi hai Aan, haha! I was never a fan of Anda Paratha combination but thanks to Sanam-makers, I will detest it for the rest of my life!!!

This episode reinforced the importance of smartphones in our lives. It showed how one bro was manaofying his rootha hua bro, using the telephone credit that he was able to load in his phone because of the rootha hua brother’s meherbaani. It also showed us many features like how one can ignore phone calls & how unwanted messages can be deleted. To be honest I enjoyed watching the tantrums Harib was throwing over Shehroz’s phone calls & text messages, only to prove his bechargi in the next scene by opening the door for him to stay at his place, haha! To be honest, these characters have no personality whatsoever, they don’t have a mind, they don’t have a stand, they have nothing, which brings me to a point that the writer has no writing skills & that is why, this entire drama is so weak in terms of screenplay!!!

Overall, this episode was filled with subliminal humor. I had a good laugh watching Aila ke sataye hue Harib & Shehroz with their pain stricken faces, where Harib was dukhon ka mara hua & Shehroz was Aila se shadi ke khayal se ghabraya hua. I had a good laugh seeing Aan hovering around Harib like a food-fairy. Seriously girl, get your act together & stop worrying about Harib’s calorie count. Aila is fun, like seriously, at least she is someone who has a personality & is consistent. Aila might be negative but at least she is not a lota. The preview of the next episode suggested that Aan’s zid of thoosofying food in Harib’s mouth will cause more troubles for him because Aila’s parents will spot both of them together. I must say Aan’s dhitai & besharmi is commendable, like she is forcing herself into his life so much that he can’t even think of living a day without her anda paratha…hmmmmmm, strategy aur tact bohat acha hai waisay. Also, Aan was introduced with a braid & a dupatta, like it was good to see a confident educated girl still being in touch with her roots but ever since she has allotted a duty of feeding food to Harib to herself, her dupatta has slipped from her head & her braid has untied itself automatically, hmmmmmmmmm, bohat nazuk surat e haal hai. Anyways, please share your thoughts about this food filled episode of Sanam.

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