Sanam Episode 07 Review – Harib Says: Teri Kasam Haan Mai Bechara Huuu!

Ohkay so, Mona Jee, you have clearly established the fact that Harib is a bechara, so why there’s so much emphasis on it once again? This episode made me feel that I was watching Bechara Diaries where Harib was being shown as an ultimate bechara while also being the most sought after bachelor since Aila has now walked out of his life.

The episode for sure started on a good note where they showed that Aan was more than just a food fairy. Aan believes in social work & that is why, to keep herself rooted & grateful for all the things that she has in life, she spends her weekends with the special children. Aan took Harib to meet those kids too, so that he could reflect on how he was taking his life for granted, but I was somehow sure of the fact that this won’t change him or drive him to snap out of the self-imposed bechargi that he strongly feels for himself. Just after a few moments we saw that Harib went back to his bechargi shell since he is so used to it.

Even though out of concern for Aila, Harib should have informed her parents the moment she left his place, I am glad that they finally learned the truth about what was going on between Harib & Aila & were not in the dark about their daughter anymore. However, I will say that I am amazed how clueless our writers make the parents in our dramas to be, I say this because the moment Harib told Aisha that Aila needs professional help, she reacted as if it was a news for her, whereas when Harib went to meet Aila’s parents, it was Aisha who herself spoke about Aila being stubborn & spoiled. I am amazed that while still being in the same city, the director didn’t show Aila’s parents visiting their daughter once after her marriage. Chalo, with Mannu it was understandable because she was in a different city so her parents’ oblivion seemed justified but in this case, it seems like a major loophole & nothing else. In the initial meeting, Aisha did seem aware of Aila’s temperament, so it is very very hard to believe that she was chillaxed & wasn’t at the edge after Aila’s marriage, just to be sure that her daughter was doing alright or not? I feel the writer has done a very very poor job in writing the reactions of all the characters in different situations. The same Aisha who seemed a little too conscious about Aila’s nature was now acting like she for the first time heard about her daughter having some psychological issues, whereas Aila’s step father was seen talking about Aila’s behavior.

Another contradicting & amusing thing that they showed to further enhance Harib’s bechargi was that in the very first episode, Harib said that his decision of marrying Aila came after a lot of thinking & brainstorming, but very conveniently, or shall I say, very bechar-ily, he put the entire blame on Aila that she was the one who forced him to get married, otherwise he would’ve never done that?Aida tu kaka??? Chalo, Aila ke kisson mai aik aur kissa shamil ho gaya, aur Harib ki bechargi diary mai aik aur page fill ho gaya ke it was Aila who pushed her way into Harib’s life, which once again brings me to my point that it is hard to believe that Harib jaisa nazuk mizaj larka survived in this ruthless world on his own & became independent & successful.

Harib seems to have always been in a need of a safety blanket, that is why he has always left others to do the heavy lifting, just like now he is making Shehroz & Aan do that for him & just like he was holding Aila responsible for the marriage as if wo to cerelac khanay wala bacha tha, jisay apna life partner choose karna bhi nahi aya. It was very easy for Harib to tell Aila’s parents that Aila was at Shehroz’s apartment but like a meesna, he stayed quiet so that when Shehroz will spill the beans, Aila’s parents will question him & not Harib.

As if, Harib was not covering the bechargi quota properly in the drama, that the writer introduced a materialistic bechari in the form of Sara. It was amusing to see that the girl who left Harib because he was poor immediately started telling him the tale of how she was still regretting her decision the moment she saw his huge bungalow. LOL, very unique bechari I must say. Seems like Sara also has a daughter Fatima & honestly speaking, seeing ‘pakkay bachay’ in the dramas is my biggest peeve, so I am not sure how I will handle the coverage that pakki hui Fatima will get!!!

As far as spending time with the kids was concerned, it seemed good enough but looks like Harib & Aan have turned that opportunity into an excuse for dating, so much so that Aan didn’t even bother telling Shabnam that she was with Harib the first time she went to the shelter. I must say, I cringe eveytime I hear these guys talking about food, as if after marriage that is the only important thing in life that none of their conversations are complete without it. Harib also informed that he will be going to Shabnam’s place to eat dinner cooked by her. I am sure since Harib is used to put blame on others, when he will gain a few extra kilos, he will blame Aan & Shabnam for that too, haha!!!

This episode was boring to say the least. I just don’t understand what the writer is trying to achieve by showing incomplete conversations between the characters & the sudden change in their stances because of which I feel that the writer herself was so confused that is why she made her characters confused too. I was actually quite shocked to see Harib holding Aila responsible for the marriage as if she got married to him on a gun point, seriously, the way the writer has babysat Harib while turning a female into a villain is sickening. This episode also included a very sexist comment where Shehroz tells Aila ‘mai tumhe dara raha hoon (kyunki mai khud to aik chooza hoon) tum aik larki ho ke itna bold step kaisay le sakti ho’, I think the writer should know & so do all those becharas like Harib & Shehroz that a girl with an opinion & a stand is far better than these mazloom chickens! It is actually quite frustrating to see such a poor effort from a team that has quite a lot of experience to its credit, but then again, it is so obvious that no one can do much if the screenplay is crappy to begin with. The dialogues are mediocre, the acting is substandard, the reactions are confusing & the situations are bizarre like seriously, nothing makes sense & there is nothing that seems promising enough to keep the interest alive in this show. Anyways, please share your thoughts about this boring episode of Sanam!

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