Sanam Episode 14 Review – Gugu Bana Ghunda!

Ohkay so, honestly speaking, just when I was at the verge of thinking that this episode was definitely better than the previous episodes, it derailed in such a way that made my belief firm that my first impression of Sanam was going to last till the very last episode of this drama because Sanam has nothing to do with logic & sense. It is so so so obvious that the drama-makers are just adding more situations & throwing in unwanted characters to drag a drama because the main motive of this story is to show Aan & Harib’s union, so in order to make that happen, the drama-makers are trying hard to stir the emotions of the viewers by adding in such scenarios which are senseless & are not so gripping to begin with. Harib & Aan are just soooooooo sweet that they give me a toothache, I think they should’ve added a little disclaimer that before & after watching Sanam, viewers need to brush their teeth & I guess Colgate or Sensodyne should’ve powered this drama in stead of Q-Mobile, because that would’ve been more appropriate!

Well, honestly speaking, I find it ridiculous that most of the times Harib is unable to comprehend what is happening around him & when he does, he comes up with the silliest of solutions. Alright, I did like the way Harib was taking care of Shabnam & how he wanted to protect her from getting stressed any further but seeing how calm & composed Aan was, Harib should’ve spoken to her about Farhan the first thing. According to Harib, he kept silent & wanted Shehroz to stay quiet too because he assumed that may be Aan was in ‘love’ with Farhan, so he didn’t want to ruin their relationship? Like seriously? What sort of a twisted logic is this? Harib has spent more time with Aan than Farhan has, also Harib knows that Farhan came out of nowhere in Aan’s life, that too at the recommendation of Sara, so how can he ‘assume’ that Aan ‘loves’ Farhan? Also, if I know that my best friend is going to get married to a man who has been divorced & already has two kids, irrespective of what she feels for him, I would swoop in, in order to save her life because no matter how much a girl is in love, if I would know that she has been kept in the dark about the guy’s past, as a friend, it is my duty to put everything aside & let her know everything about the the reality!!! It is actually quite frustrating how the writer has tried to over-complicate simplest of situations because it is so obvious that they don’t want to end a drama in 16 episodes, so they are just adding such silliest of things to drag the story!!!

Please don’t tell me Shehroz & Aila are living together? Matlab in logon ka koi deen emaan hai ya nahi? Kiss haq se Shehroz is sharing a roof with Aila? Like these drama-makers are besharam or behiss or what? They showed us that Shehroz felt bad for Aila because he thought that Harib was at fault & he was cheating on Aila, so it’s alright, on the basis of humanity, his concerns for Aila were understandable, but ye kahan ki tuk banti hai ke yan to Shehroz ne yan Aila ne aik dusre ko GAUD le liya hai & they are inseparable? It is absolutely SICK & DISGUSTING! Also, I don’t really understand why does Mr. Ping Pong Ball (PPB) get so much of coverage in every single episode? Mr. PPB once again had an INSANIYAT KA DAURA where he started blaming Aila for what she did & how she was the reason behind Aan’s mother being in the hospital, so like what are you doing with her in her home Mr. PPB? How IDIOTIC are you or how DUMB can you be!?!?!?!

Anyways, Mr. Gugu-Bana-Ghunda (GBG) Farhan isn’t only divorced but has 2 kids now, it is funny how the director is revealing ‘awesome’ (read gruesome) details about Farhan one by one in each episode, as if we are so interested to know what Mr. GBG has done in his past? I am so not looking forward to another detail about Mr. GBG being revealed in the next episode because clearly I am not interested. Mr. Gugu couldn’t get the HUG that Aan & Harib shared out of his mind, that is why he kept on taunting Aan & Shabnam, but after a lot of attempts of the writer, Harib got a chance to become a hero & save the day where he shooed Gugu off. The note at which the episode ended was so boring & annoying, like it is absolutely ridiculous that just because Aan & Harib on their own have ZERO SUBSTANCE in their characters & have NOTHING NEW to offer, the drama-makers are giving coverage to these termite sort of characters who are just eating the show-time of the drama. To be honest, we all know that Aan & Harib are a MATCH MADE IN MOHALLA, so why is the director stalling & not getting them married ASAP? Just make it happen alright!!!

The preview of the next episode was such a yawn provoker, looks like these guys will keep on frequenting the hospital now since it looks like Haseeb Hassan thinks it makes his boring drama a lot more dramatic. This time Fatima will be the victim & to be honest, that split second shot was actually quite funny where Fatima attempted to hug the bumper of the car & failed miserably, lol!!! Aila is now a perfect case of Bipolar Bani Bhangi, where she is doing everything that a person under the influence of intoxication would do. Where did her aspect of being Bipolar go? Why was it not covered? Why is it that Aila’s parents despite knowing her mental condition have let her on loose? I think while writing this drama, the writers were too busy thinking about the not-so-important aspects that they forgot to shed a light on the important ones. Harib proved ‘once a bhukkar, always a bhukkar‘ by going like ‘Amman app jaldi shay theek how jayein phil mujhe majjay majjay ke khanay bana bana ke khilain, kyunki mai to hoon hi paidaishi bhooka’, like seriously, that woman just regained her consciousness & there he was pestering her with khanay ki farmaishain like a typical spoiled larka!!! Anyways, please share your thoughts about this episode of Sanam & spare me if you find me in a bad mood, I forgot to make myself a coffee aur upper se yeh, tauba tauba!

Keep Coffee-ing,
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Zahra Mirza

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